Baby No. 2 {Part 1}

As it’s obvious.

We had another sweet little girl in 2018.

{Surprise incase you missed the memo}

Of course, nothing can be normal with any of my children’s birth stories. So let’s have a good laugh this time shall we.

From the beginning:

Surprise. Someone had a stomach ache for a good 2 weeks. Then a doctor’s appointment, 2 ultrasounds later, and a very early pudge– we found out for certain there was a baby on the way.

The funnest part? Surprising people– we were not supposed to have more kids technically.

Just as it was with Piper, I was sick until the day I had her.

I also had strep, sinus infection, and lost my voice for about a month.

That’s super fun as a teacher {eye roll}

I had a baby bump doing prom where at 6 months pregnant, some were just figuring out I was with child {another eye roll}

Piper thought it was great. She would lay her back against me and let the baby kick her. We discussed how she would have such an important job, and how Mommy wouldn’t be able to pick her up for a while because she would have a ‘bandaid’ on her tummy.

She also helped make a special ‘Big Sister’ dress to wear to the hospital.

The summer days after school let out were spent by the pool with my one purple one piece maternity suit. I had a pretty solid tan line and was tickled to be fabulously brown on ‘baby day.’

July 18th came and that day was spent packing, loving on Piper, eating blandly to avoid reflux, and trying to sleep. Piper had a sleepover at her grandparents’ seeing as we had to leave the house at 4:15am.

Picture time stamp of July 19th, 3:53am.

We were the first one on the schedule that morning of the 19th.

At 6:30am, the grandparents brought Piper to say hello before they took me back to the operating wing of the hospital.

The worst part that people warned me about… {biggest eye roll} was a breeze.

The spinal. After 15 seconds, I was feeling fabulous.

My hair and makeup were perfection and I wore my adorable leopard print cat eye glasses {no contacts allowed}.

5 minutes in and Everly was put in Husband’s arms and they were taken down to the nursery.

I on the other hand was left on the table discussing Bruno Mars, concert venues, and placing bets on Everly’s weight with the nurses and my favorite doctor.

So easy.

At 8:31am {yes I saw the clock}

I was wheeled to recovery and spent 45 minutes being fed ice chips, talking about teaching with my male nurse who knew my superintendent of schools {not awkward at all}, and then listening to the girl in the curtain beside me.

Bless her heart.

We had c-sections back to back.

I cut my eyes.

{It’s hard for me to make my facial expressions use their inside voices}

My nurse- “Is she bothering you?”


“Can you move your legs?”

*flops leg off bed*

“Good enough. Let’s get you to your room”

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