Product Highlight {no. 1}

I love ordering off of Amazon.

I admit it. I indulge in Prime and it’s worth every penny.

Since hitting the downhill slope to 30, I have seen an increase in articles on my social media accounts about all the ‘changes’ in my skin and body that are coming.

My skin being my biggest concern because seeing as I am mistaken for the appearance of a high school student instead of a graduated professional, I’d like to be optimistic that when I’m fine and 75–I’ll look 30. Optimistic. So I actually started looking into some non-breaking the bank things to take care of my skin and myself in general.

I have 2 little girl so if they see Momma takes care of herself then hopefully so will they.

One thing I have fallen in love with are collagen peptides.

I refuse to go without them. {3 months strong}

After doing some reading, I decided why not.

{So of course I went straight to Amazon}

My pick was that of Physician’s Choice.

{link below}

These are my favorite because they offer coupon codes if you sign up on the link provided on the packaging. I personally receive text coupon links— usually about 30% off on Amazon.

I put 2 scoops in my hot beverage every morning along with a pack of stevia and Torani French Vanilla. No taste from the collagen whatsoever!

You can put it in coffee, hot chocolate, soups, anything really!

The biggest differences I have noticed are my nails being stronger, actually growing, and my complexion/skin is SO much clearer and better in general.

This particular one is at a really good price, lasts about 1 month, and like I said— no flavor.

Are there others— absolutely, but this is just my personal pick.