Week 1,Day 1

It’s no secret today is January 1, 2019. Today is full of resolutions that most of us will throw out the window by the time we stuff our faces with Valentine’s candy that’s already graced the aisles of Walmart.

Go figure– I was there December 27th for the Christmas clearance and there they were… conversation hearts and other romantical treats.

Well here is my list for 2019:

{disclaimer. notice this says list not resolutions as not to set myself up for failure}

1. One blog a day: I used to blog when I first had Piper due to her dramatic entrance into the world and to avoid explaining it 7,371 times; I made a blog. I loved it. Then I forgot the password to it and my app didn’t update AND apparently now the Blogger app doesn’t work with the new ios system or is just plain no more.

{But today it may be more like 3 to get my thoughts all caught up}

2. Share things: It’s no secret I love Amazon… so I’ll be happy to share the deals and hidden gems I find on there. I am obsessed with ordering new beauty products and health products on there– some work, some don’t. I also enjoy ordering things in bulk like grocery items and paper goods.

I also LOVE our local shops that have the neatest items from unique home decor, food mixes, clothes for women, baby gadgets, children’s toys, hygiene products, etc. Look for the cool products you can find in small-town Arkansas and links on where to get them.

Let’s be real. Local is the way to go for the unique and just neat items in general– where else can you just call and say you need a gift for such and such, has she been in lately and said she liked anything, can you wrap it and deliver it, oh and just sign my name to the card.

Ahem* no where*#shoplocal

3. Read more: I forgot how much I love to read until last Friday on our 5 year anniversary date,sans children {yes you may clap and add a little hallelujah. thank you Honey and Shug}

Sweet husband said he wanted to go look for a certain book at Books-A-Million on the way home from Texarkana after a blessed Starbucks run and dinner at Roadhouse.

And Home Depot…

Um. YES. Pretty sure I could have spent 72 days looking over all the books and goodies in there.

I ended up with 2 books for me, 2 for the princesses, and Sweet Husband also found 2 {which I am commandeering soon because Bobby Bones is my new favorite person}.

So I read both of mine in 2 days and I’m fixing to read his.

I want my girls to love to read too and think its cool to listen to stories {and tell them} so we have started on one of my childhood favorites:

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary. Loved this series and so appropriate for young ages. Yes I skip the part of her calling Danny a Yard Ape, but compared to what’s on children’s television shows… that’s the least of my worries.

4. Give others more value: This may sound silly and conceited as if I don’t treasure people or give credit to their worth as humans, I do I promise. I just want to do it more so that the people in our lives understand how much they mean because that can make all the difference.

I am a high school teacher. I have students who come from situations and walks of life I never dreamed of. I want them to know that no matter what, they are valuable in society and they are important.

I am a mom. I want my girls to understand that they are so very important and they are always more than enough no matter. They are ”more precious than jewels.” Literally.

No argument there.

I am a wife. I want Sweet Husband to know I choose him above all else, everyday. He is my person and my friend. I want him to always know how valuable he is to me and the girls.

5. Do stuff: My English teachers are cringing seeing me use the word ‘stuff’ and it makes me giggle.

I want to do more things. Do fun things with the family, do things for me, do things in general. Build stuff, paint stuff, finish renovating and redoing the house, cook new things {and share recipes}, continue finding healthier ways of life, teach my girls more things, play the piano more, go on day trips, meet new people, go back to Bible doodling {I have one for each girl and yes I’ll share}. Just do all the things.

And that’s it. Do I want the usual {list} of lose the weight; duh I just had a baby, 30 more lbs to go.

Do I want to keep my household tidy; yes, but let’s all just have a good laugh about that.

Do I want to drink more water; let’s have another good laugh. My veins are pure Diet Mt. Dew at this point and no you’re not changing my mind.

I want to live a good life for me and my family. I want to be productive and I want to keep family and friends near and far in the loop.

So goes the cliché

{cheers to the new year’s}