{Face} the Music

When I was pregnant with Everly, I developed the WORST dark spots on my cheeks I have ever seen.

Spots is a term used loosely.

I had brown splotches around my cheek bones like a dog.

My face looked bruised/dirty.

It also dried out and fried and flaked and all the things skin is not supposed to do unless you’re a snake.

I invested in some things I now refuse to go without.

{1} Dermaplane- total game changer for my skin care routine.

I go to one of my favorite local salon and spas once a month, and have my face scraped with a razor. Literally, she scrapes all the dead skin and fuzz and unwanted hairs and gunk off my face. My makeup goes on so much better, and my face feels cleaner.

I know several in Magnolia that offer this service!

{2} Collagen Peltides

•See blog post below•


My skin, hair, nails, and gut health is much improved thanks to this little add in every morning.

{3} Face & Eye Cream

Let’s be honest. That’s funny and we all had one if we were allowed in a tanning bed. Or the palm trees.

Lilyana brand creams.

Oh my. They’re cute and definitely a gem like we thought those tanning stickers were.

But these are actually adorable and do something for your skin.

https://amzn.to/2CJ1Hwg {the face cream}

https://amzn.to/2R3tMaH {the eye cream}

Thou shalt never run out of moisturizers

Thou shalt never forget to apply cream to the neck as to avoid looking like a barbie head on a turkey neck.

Thou shalt take care of thy skin

This brand doesn’t break the bank, it’s got cute packaging to look nice on your nightstand {if you’re like me and throw everything there}, it’s effective, AND they offer COUPONS! $5 off right now actually!

{4} Avoidance

That word is negative I know, but let’s be honest.

I quit eating loads of candy, super sugary foods, and only drink diet sodas.

Yes I know diet sodas are not good for you, but one {me} can not teach high school seniors, take care of 2 children, and try to keep a house decent on water alone.


{5} Invest

Mommas. Invest in yourself. It’s ok to care for yourself– even if its something small like a face cream. Take pride in caring for yourself in some manner. You’ll be glad you did!

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