Chickens are peculiar creatures.

Flip side.


Ducks are nasty.

Ducks are not the smartest either.

We had the bright idea to order some ducks once for Piper.

Built a miniature Peabody Mansion for them in the 102 degree June heat.

We ordered some adorable Welsh, gorgeous Mallards, and my beloved white Crested.

My beloveds had afros like Einstein and I loved them.

Until it came time to water them.

They are nasty animals. That’s all I’m going to say.

They had to go.

They were also not very smart.

1. During the winter they avoided being under their heat lamp OR going inside their mansion.

Keep in mind we had the Arctic Blast of 6 degrees come through.


2. They are gorgers. They will just eat until food is gone.

Literally they will eat themselves to death.

Finally one day after they had “gone on vacation” one by one, the last one “left to go to the beach.”

They were gone and we figured to put the coop to good use we would get some pretty laying hens.

Bantams, and some other pretties with funny feathers.

They came in a post office box, and we tended to them and Piper was so excited.

In July we had Everly, and that entailed a 3 day hospital stay. While we were gone, my father-in-law moved them to the coop.

We came home on a Saturday– they were alive and well and hopping.

Husband woke up the next morning to a huge dog circling the pen and he waved it off. He thought nothing of it.

About 20 minutes later I received a text to keep Princess Pi away from all windows.

When he went out to the ranger to go check cows, he realized there was no clucking. When he went to investigate, he found that all of the freshly moved in chickens had “gone go the beach.”

He had to remove the evidence before there was a devastated little girl.

Not fun.

Word to the wise. Ducks are no fun and keep the large canines away from chickens. They will go on vacation.

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