Dear Diva Child

When Andy and I first found out we were going to be parents for the first time, he immediately thought “oh now I have a gate opener.”


Princess Pi made her entrance into the world dramatic, and the diva child hasn’t slowed down since.

We don’t like messes, we don’t like dirt, we don’t like being dirty, we don’t like things on our face, we don’t like pants and shirts, we don’t like tennis shoes, we don’t like plain water, we don’t like things not going our way, and we certainly don’t like our hair pulled up.

Farthest thing from a gate opener for a farmer…

But what we do like:

We like frilly dresses and heels, snuggles at night to watch tractor videos with Daddy, reading stories with Momma, talking to baby sister, talking to anyone on the phone {or ‘facecall’}, we love Disney princesses, we love being fancy with glitter bath bombs, we love playing dolls, we love dress-up, we love face masks, we like to wear a gel eye mask at night, we love our hair down and flowy, we love makeup, we like writing, we love funny socks that don’t match, we love choir at church, we love playing on playgrounds, we love going to Reba’s pool, we love dogs, we love making up songs and rhymes, we love our fuzzy triangle blanket, and we love being a girly girl.

She is my diva child who loves to laugh and be girly.

She also has opinions.

Hard lessons we’re currently learning are how some things are not worth worrying over and being upset.

“No sense crying over spilled milk”

Get a towel, wipe it up, and get another glass.

But my 4 year old has also started learning responsibility with chores.

She unloads the dishwasher and thinks its fun to fold the dish towels.

•So by all means I let her•

So Dear Diva Child,

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkles.

The sparkle to love people, the sparkle of determination, the sparkle to be unapologetically a princess.

Because that’s what you are and do not dare let anyone change your mind.

You are deserving of the best things in life.

You are more than enough.

Wear the crown baby.

Eat the cupcake.

Wear the makeup.

Find your happy.

Love Jesus.

Find true friends.

Love your people.

Mind your manners.

Say yes ma’am.

Say no sir.

Say please and thank you.

Be curious.

Be a continuous learner.

Read. Everything.

Protect your sister.

Listen more than you talk.

Be informed.

Always brush your teeth and wash your face.

Be kind.


Diva Mom

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