I decided to be the domesticated farm wife for about 15 minutes today.

I got the brilliant idea I was fixing to just make apple butter instead of buying it at the Walmarts today.

It was brilliant until I read that it needs to cook 10 hours.

That’s when I shamelessly cooked a box of Great Value macaroni in the microwave for part of our supper because it saves time, and at this point I was running out of patience in the cooking department after babysitting these apples.

Mommas can I get an AMEN…

{for those who don’t know this trick… dump 1 box macaroni of choice into microwave safe mixing bowl with the appropriate amount of water. microwave for 5 min. STIR. microwave another 5. STIR. STRAIN. DONE}

So this is a true homemade experiment that I’m about to puree and slap on a warm store bought Hawaiian roll.

This was the beginning phase. I peeled about 6lbs of apples and mixed it with all the fixings.

Even remembered the crockpot liner.

If only the liner didn’t get a hole in it.


So to kill time, my very own Fancy Nancy diva child dressed herself to walk to her Big & Shug’s to play in their backyard. We walked the driveway to their house and y’all…



Because {insert Kid Rock song}

We swung, rocked, she looked at the chickens and Rodney the Rooster who was recently caged into captivity as not to bother my little Fancy Nancy diva child.

She does not favor him.

She likes the white fluffy ones called Pearl 1, Pearl 2, Pearl 3, and Pearl 4.

Hint hint. There are 4 white hens that she refers to as Pearl.

Like her sock monkey…

Don’t ask questions. Just go with it.

Continuing on, we walked home to then change clothes {story of her life} to sport a very interesting outfit I am kicking myself for not documenting.

Watermelon summer dress with black leggings, red round toe cowboy boots, Elsa sweatshirt over the top, and don’t ask about her hair.

Then to the house of Honey & Buddy to try out their backyard and visit.

Then home we came to the microwaved macaroni and me trying not to have a staring contest with the apples.

I will say this experiment smells delicious, but I’ll update in the morning how it tastes on biscuits.

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