Product Highlight {No. 2}


I do not like having pasty skin.

I am naturally fair skinned with freckles.

Yes I understand God made me this color, but He also gave me the capability to tan in the sweet sunshine that He also created.

Sometimes that sunshine is unavailable… like the last several days…

{You’d have thought someone in Columbia County had been commanded to build an ark.}

I often look for other ways of getting that bronzed tone like self tanners and sprays, but I am about as picky as they come.

My criteria: no glitter•no weird smell•no orange•easy to apply•no streaks•no staining•no washing off•

So this is what I found:


So I tried them out.

•First• I tried the cream.

I immediately noticed there was not much of a smell at all.

I put it on my right leg to compare to the left pasty one. The directions say to give it 30 minutes drying time before getting anything on you and it takes 2 hours to fully process.

After 2 hours I put a second coat, and I was pleased with the color and still– no smell, no glitter, and no orange.

For good measure, I put the spray on the left leg.

I will say, the spray seems to appear quicker, but you do need to rub it in for a more even application.

Overall, this will be my new go to self tanner for those weeks during the school year when I can’t get outside like I want to.

If you have naturally tan skin, they make one that I would think would be better suited for more olive/naturally tan tones {posted below}

And no. My hands are not orange!

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