Day 6

Tomorrow we go back to work, school, routine, etc.

So being a mom, I like prepping so things go potentially smoother if possible.

Also, I refuse to pay extra money for bags of prepackaged air, so I buy the family sized bags of snacks and divvy them up.

Then anyone wanting something quick to go or needs just 1 handful to eat while watching their youtube videos can just reach in the snack drawer and there it is. Also, the bags are toddler friendly and a certain 4 year old can open and close them as needed.

Win. Win.


Yes we also cook a lot of things on weekends to portion out for the week’s meals.

{Our go to is grilling/smoking}

We usually grill around 8-12 burgers, do something with chicken, maybe ribs, but things we can do in bulk as to spread out between my lunches and the working man’s lunches/suppers depending on his shifts at the plant and farm work.

We also keep ranch and salad mix, some kind of veggie pasta {that yes I probably boiled in the microwave} with red sauce.

Some of our favorite crockpot meals are bbq tacos {the recipe makes about 8-10} and pizza casserole {fabulously low low low carb}.

Also, it’s the new year so of course comes the diet train and we’re all running along trying to hop back on after the 2 weeks of careless holidag eating.

Protein. Low Carb. Keto. Sugar Free. Diet.

All prominent words in our household.

So we grilled our burger patties, smoked sausage, and as most saw– we smoked a chicken. Not just any chicken, but one grown in my inlaws’ backyard. It was about as pure and organic as you can get.

And delicious.

We used this rub and it is fabulous on everything from chicken to burgers and especially ribs!

Then glazed with homemade BBQ sauce.

After all the meal prep came the clean up, and tonight came the bag packing.

I got the girls’ things ready to take to my mom, restocked the diaper bag, and laid out clothes.

Threw some laundry in.

Then got to work on my bags.

Yes plural.

My new school backpack from Boochie B’s on Facebook being filled with my new planner, notebook, Rocketbook, and bag of pens and pencils.

•Can be found here for only $7.99 along with other prints•

They have checklist bubbles and lines for schedules and appointments for each day!

And of course my lunch box with my snacks.

And my beloved Diet. Mt. Dews.

My world will not go ’round without those…. bless it.

So we go back to the real world tomorrow, and get ready to welcome back our students!

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