Technically Day 1

If I had a $1 for every time I heard the Adam Sandler quote “Back to school…”

I’d have enough for the happy hour at Sonic complete with a large cherry Diet Coke and chili cheese wrap.

Once was more than enough as a reminder we started back to work today.

Although, at least it was a work day to get ready.

Also, I had planned on being super productive and having a light lunch in accordance to my meal plan in room 29.

A few math teachers {including myself} said Los Maguelles was a better idea.

Because who can say no to enchiladas and rice with queso?

No one. That’s a sin.

{totally a joke. refusing Mexican food is not a sin}

After feeding my face to the point of worthlessness, I got myself all ready for students to come back tomorrow except for one thing.

The Christmas tree is still up. At this point it may become a Valentine’s tree, and I think my seniors would feel this is acceptable.

By 3:30 I decided I can do that another day, then went to meet Honey with the 2 divas. The divas and I then made a Walmart trip for more supplies for some homemade fun {literally homemade}, and its possible there were a number of melt downs due to no shrimp for a snack, no icee, no green coke, and no Kinder Eggs at the checkout.

•yes I am a mean mean mean mother who does not give in to all wishes and wants when we have about 72 Kinder eggs in the snack drawer from Christmas•

BUT we did make a new product tonight that I think Everly Rose would give positive feedback on…

She thoroughly enjoyed it I think.

Also, we made our own tags to go on our syrups, sauces,and butters!

I told you those sharpies would come in handy: link for this fab deal below

{21 ct pack for $8!!}

And twice as handy in my classroom…

Another cool toy we got today was this vacuum sealer

It’s currently 25% off on Amazon!

Hopefully I can keep some plants alive long enough to be able to store some good veggies and fruits with this thing.

Maybe we can even make our own chicken tenders and filets to store.

Who knows. I’m just trying to refrain from vacuum sealing something random to see how it works.

So now that we’ve completed our experiment of the night;I’m prepping everyone’s stuff for tomorrow,making lists, doing a face peel, and am waiting to stir the next batch of apple butter.

In the mean time, meet my next #fabfarmwife endeavor…

Yes they will have funny names, name tags, live in the currently vacant Peabody Palace in the backyard, and of course lay fancy blue eggs to supply us with endless scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Topped with ketchup.

Scrambled eggs & ketchup is the only way.

That is all.

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