Stocking the {Pantry}

I received a number of text about what the heck is PrimePantry….

Well literally, it is the pantry for Amazon Prime.

If you are a member of Prime, {link below to try it out} then you have access to a ton of different perks like PrimePantry, Unlimited Prime Music, Dash buttons, and a selection of movies/series.

With PrimePantry, you literally go to the “pantry” and fill your designated shipping box– automatic 2 day shipping.

Who doesn’t love 2-day shipping, and of course groceries and household supplies delivered to your door such that you avoid the chaos that is Walmart.

ALSO, they clip coupons for you and you can buy in bulk at sometimes CHEAPER prices.

When I had both girls, PrimePantry was a life saver! I was able to order grocery items to stock up on without leaving the couch all the while feeding a baby, or fixing to nap, and didn’t feel like doing anything {nor was I capable really after have a C-section. No driving for 2 weeks.}

The customer service is amazing as well. Once I had shampoo in our order, and it was open and had spilled a little into the packaging. I immediately opened a chat window with customer service, and they overnighted a replacement shampoo and replacement products for what it had spilled on! “Just keep the others and use them if you can, and we’ll also send you replacements to make it right.”

Yes please. You can’t go wrong with great customer service and help like that.

You can order everything from paper goods, soup/sauce mixes, canned goods, dry goods, hygiene products, wellness products, OTC medicines… everything.

Even some frozen things– yes we have ordered HaloTop ice cream before…in bulk…

If you want an easy way to remember to reorder products– Dash buttons.

You literally hook the button through your Amazon account, press it, confirm purchase on your phone, and it’s there in 2 days. No searching for it and adding to cart or anything.

We have a Gerber one for formula that makes life so much easier.

Lastly, if you have children and still love Prime; then Prime Family is right up your alley.

You get the same prime features, but discounts on diapers and other cool perks to go with it for children and parents.

You can try it out for free here–

Obviously I am all about Prime.

Worth the membership, saves time, ends up saving me money, and so quick.

Don’t knock it til you try it!

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