Pizza Casserole

Here’s another easy (and lower carb) recipe for you.

{disclaimer– again I am no Pioneer Woman or Betty Crocker, but if you can read you can cook and you can figure stuff out}

Your Pizza Casserole begins with a trip to the local grocery store of your choice of course.

You will need to grab the following:

-ground beef (1lb or 2 depending on how big of a casserole you want to make}

-pizza sauce {or make your own if you’re that kind of person–we prefer William’s spaghetti sauce mix}

-sliced Monterrey Jack or Colby or some kind of nicely sliced cheese

-pepperonis, Canadian bacon, regular bacon, veggies, or whatever your heart desires as pizza toppings

So to start with, brown your hamburger meat and drain it the best you can. No one likes that extra grease or fat.

Once your meat is browned, mix it with just enough sauce that it coats the meat– you don’t want it soupy like an actual spaghetti meat sauce, but more like a sloppy joe.

Spread this in a casserole dish– 8×8 or 9×9 for 1lb of meat, 9×13 for anything more.

Now line up your cheese slices on the top {or freshly grated if you must, but that presliced and shredded stuff is the biggest time saver}.

Once you have your cheeses perfectly checkered across the sauce and meat mixture, cover with your actual pizza toppings.

Now stick this in an oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes til the cheese is bubbling and the toppings are crisp.

Let it cool, then eat– no one wants to make that weird noise when they get the hot, stringy cheese stuck to their lip.

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