So the Facebook page {click the hyperlink to go to it & like it & follow it}reached 100 likes today and I’m a little excited.

I’d really like to get to a whole bunch more, so let’s make this fun– refer people to the page, and be entered to win some stuff. Cool stuff. A basket of good stuff.

For every person you tag on this post and they like the page, you get an entry. I’ll draw when I get to my magic number.

Last night I made coconut syrup❤️

AND I’m making a new syrup tonight that I’m so excited for y’all to see and try…


Yes. With sprinkles.

Imagine that over waffles. Yum.  

Then I’m dreaming of a cotton candy flavor…

This is fixing to really become one giant science experiment, and I can’t wait. Like I might need to buy some more Pioneer Woman cookware for such an occasion.

100 things about today…

  1. Tomorrow is Friday
  2. Tomorrow is jean day
  3. I hope my jeans of choice are clean
  4. I need to get more mason jars
  5. Our Facebook page made it to 100 likes…
  6. Brainstorming more things to make– praline pecans anyone? What do you want to see? I may try homemade maple syrup too? I need some feedback
  7. Both girls slept long enough for me to put make-up on and get ready alone. That’s a major win– sometimes Momma needs a minute…
  8. I didn’t get enough time for my blueberry bagel and apple butter because I turned my alarm off at 5:41am…
  9. Lunch with my math people is my favorite
  10. Just kidding I don’t think I could list 100 things…
  11. I think I may go back to painting more…
  12. I need to post my Bible doodles soon– that’s a whole other topic.
  13. I need to change the chalkboard at home in the foyer
  14. I have about 5 chocolate syrups left if there are any takers!
  15. New post to come later tonight– and more jars of stuff  

That is all. Off to Walmart for some supplies.

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