Saturdays are for…

Obviously it’s Saturday.

That’s a major award around here because that means Momma doesn’t go to work and we go to Walmart.

Husband worked off this morning, so the girls and I got up to let him sleep a couple hours. Piper had Special K cereal for breakfast, Everly had a bottle and apples, and I ended up with a protein bar & green coke.

While everyone was occupied I got the pork loin shredded that I had cooked in the crockpot all night, and mixed in some secret sauce so we can have BBQ tacos this next week. Then we went to work on the girls’ room, cleaning out, organizing, and putting away…

My genius self thought to try this whole Marie Kondo “pile it all up and go through it piece by piece” thing…

Worst. Idea. Ever {insert ALL the hand claps}Nightmare. Still not finished.

I can’t even describe it in complete sentences…it made me nauseous.

It also didn’t help the 4 year old was bringing in toys and seeing me sort things. She wasn’t necessarily pleased with my progress or method.

After Husband woke up, we put cookies in the oven.

NOW…let’s talk about this recipe because it’s one of my favorites.

Red Velvet Cookies with White Chocolate Chips.

So first you preheat your over to the typical 350 degrees and grease up a cookie sheet/baking sheet. Whatever you want to call it.

Now get an order in with the local FFA when the bring out the fundraiser packets for said Red Velvet Cookie dough with White Chocolate Chips.

The cookie dough will be delivered frozen so make sure not to let it thaw out– bad things can happen then…like ruined cookie dough. It’s a good idea to test taste a piece {or 7} of said cookie dough for quality control before actually baking it. I don’t like wasting time baking cookie dough if the quality of the raw dough is not up to par. You might as well eat the raw dough in that case. {Not recommended by most people, but I also vaccinate my kids, eat McDonald’s, drink caffeine, let the dogs sleep in the bed, and sometimes dye my hair which aren’t all recommended by some people either but it’s whatever floats your boat}.

Back to the cookie dough

Take this wonderful substance of slice & bake out of the box, line it up nicely on the greased pan, and pop it in the over for 8 minutes.

The box is going to tell you 9-11, but no one likes a burnt cookie.

So subtract 1, and let it sit on the pan for an extra 3-5 when you take it out of the oven. Then put on some wax or parchment paper to cool the rest of the way.

So there you have it. Our cookie recipe from this morning.

Bless you FFA for that fundraiser. Next year remind me to order double.

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