Shirts with {Re}purpose

I forgot how much I like to sew…

Legit forgot.

Until back when I was pregnant with Everly Rose.

I cleaned out my closet, and as Marie Kondo puts it– seeing what items brought me joy.

There was a particular purple tank that brought immense joy and  I couldn’t stomach to part with, even though I knew after baby no. 2 there was no way I’d properly fit in it…so I cut my favorite part of it off and sewed it to the front of a blank shirt, rhinestoned it with pretty AB’s, and rocked it while 9 months pregnant to my appointments, & on baby day.

Then I started back just piddling with my needle & thread for fun.

I made Piper’s angel costume for the church program, I added cute panels and ruffles to one of her shirts so it would be {flowy} as Princess Pi asked, and even a sock monkey that is now named Pearl.

{yes I tend to sew in the same spot in bed}

Now here I am piddling with my needle & thread again, but this time with a little more purpose.

Sweet Husband has said for years he wishes we had farm shirts…

{So Tada}

{rhinestones to be added soon}

I played with a heat press, cut some stuff up, cut some stuff up, and again {tadaaaaa}.

{disclaimer: no not some random couple… these are Sweet Husband’s great-grandparents and one of my favorite pictures we have}

My next project is a fab farm wife sock monkey complete with a funny hat.

Possibly modeled after Ouiser on Steel Magnolias…

And more shirts.

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