Words & Louise Doll

My sweet first-born marches to the beat of her own drum…

or really she needs her own saying because that’s too stereotypical.

Piper throws sparkles as she marches down Main St. in her own parade.

She loves parades– no idea why.

Our favorite thing is when she mispronounces things {basically gives them new names}– she becomes adamant on how she wants to pronounce things because she knows its funny; even when she can say the word perfectly fine. Usually that pronunciation isn’t good enough for her.

She does this with animals particularly.

Stunks, Chihualas, Hicotes, Rackincoon, and she used to say Goopy.

You can probaby guess which is which, but the most recent is the Chihualas.

That would be Koala…or a sloth if she feels necessary… like the giant one Santa Claus brought for Christmas.

She is such a free spirit and we love it. She is not ashamed to walk out in her sequined dress, tall mix-matched socks, and high heeled shoes.

But… let’s talk about that doll I mentioned earlier…

Meet Louise.

She named her after our Aunt Louise that we treasure. Y’all she’s a hoot.

So she gave Piper this lifelike doll…

And Piper thinks she is her baby….to doctor, measure, put cream on, clean, etc..

She likes to give her a diagnosis, use her “listascope”, put cream on her for her “chicken spots”, and carry her everywhere.

Oh and put Everly’s outgrown newborn clothes on her.

Let’s put it this way– Momma {me} has a weirdness about baby dolls. I don’t like them. I don’t like dolls period. I don’t like things with eyes that can look at you. I especially don’t like the ones that have eyes that move or can make noises or can do all the lifelike things.

{Thanks a lot Goosebumps…}

So Piper loves her Louise doll.

And I guess Louise loves us…

{the doll, I know Aunt Louise loves us}

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