Piper is an Angel

My sweet baby was in her first ever choir program at church back in December, and her daddy was devastated he had to miss it because of being at work so of course I videoed it…

{and boy did she not disappoint}

Of course we were cast as an angel, and she was very particular about wanting a “long dress” and sparkles so that is what little Susie Homemaker did after finding a perfectly extra white t-shirt, some Christmas tinsel, and some white thread.

Oh and sparkle tennis shoes to match.

She was so proud.

All the grandparents came, and of course the other 100 something people packed in the fellowship hall, were tickled to see all the 3 & 4 year olds perform.

Like I said before, Husband had to work so I was posted up with Everly on my hip against the side of the room.

So the little ones start filing in to get on the risers– Piper being rather tall for her age {go figure when Daddy is 6’5}, was on the back row and easy to spot so it was easy to video.

They all take their spots on their dots, start to sing, and I watch as my child starts to fade and not give her normal enthusiasm. {I figured she was a little nervous being in front of so many people and didn’t think to actually worry anything might be wrong.} Wrongo.

I’m just’a videoing and bouncing E on my hip to keep her happy, watching the kids sing, and then it happened. Piper turned and let out a gut wrenching scream, lips turned out with major unhappiness, and of course the crowd turns because what they think they hear is “I NEED MY MOMMY”

I on the other hand heard her clear as crystal…



But add in some screaming and huge crocodile tears and lips poked out like you were making a monkey face.

So off the risers she came, bee-lines to me, and off to the bathroom we go— remember E is on my hip, and my cellphone is in the other hand videoing.

Cellphone goes in my cardigan pocket. She closes the stall door, and she begins to sing with the music in the fellowship hall.

That’s when I hear the speaking parts start…

Oh toodles. But imagine that in a more adult manner going through my adultish head.

And she hears her part being spoken.

“That sounds like my part I say.”

Oh Crayola… “yes baby, are you ready to go back out now?”

We hop out and she skips on back up to risers.

The teachers are wonderful and let her say her part she missed.

{My phone was still in said cardigan pocket….oops}

She starts up to her dot…

And there’s another kid on her dot…

{My adult mind is praying for sweet Baby Jesus not to let her shove this kid off her dot on the risers. Just please precious Jesus don’t let her start a riot of toddlers.}

There was a slight head bob & apparently telling someone to move and that it was hers.

No scene was caused thank goodness & the program went on fabulously.


“Oh Piper just needed her momma for a minute.”

“Bless her heart she wanted her momma.”

Sure…let’s go with that.

Lesson learned: No matter how many times you ask if a toddler needs to potty, they will still find the need to potty.

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