Hair Appointments

Hair appointments are monumental in my life.

I have very special hair with very special rules and bless my super special hair dresser who takes her time with it to make it fabulous like she is doing this morning.

Yes, I have been referred to as Mufasa

And yes I have my remedies for it and have it figured out.

I also like to have my full face on when I go so I can see what it’ll look like with the color and everything with my make-up.

I’m weird I know.

So Piper and I got up early so I could straighten it and put my face on; she of course had to go get herself dressed in her unicorns dress, rainbow socks, and Elsa hoodie because “whew that’s cold air outside.”

E slept through all my getting ready until it was closer to time to leave, thank you Jesus.

So I got to put my mascara and eyeliner on properly today.

Mascara is a must for me. Even if there’s nothing else, I need the mascara. I have some favorites, but I got a new kind to try because it has the little ball on the end to help with separating spots of lashes.


Don’t try to use that thing with no contacts in. I about gouged my eyes out about 32 times. My hands are not steady enough to use it. Great mascara and serves its purpose, but oof. I was pretty sure I was going to lose my corneas.

It not only looks like a midevial weapon, but can be used as a torture device as well.

Probably going to stick with my Amazon $5 pick & some L’Oreal primer.

{link here for my fave– }

For now, my hair is in foils as I type this and awaiting my icy locks to finish processing.


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