Saturday & Sunday

Saturday & Sunday were full of projects.

Cleaned the laundry room out

Walmart shopping

Meal prep

Painted a lamp & a table for the foyer

Swept & mopped

And I forgot to blog about it so it’s a 2-fer today.

Piper had a sleepover, so Everly & I had us a good time with Husband the night before with a Friends marathon, McDonald’s, & some sewing.

I’m really getting into this farm shirt making & I can’t wait to do my tractor design this week! I’ve made a couple for other people, so if you feel like you need to sport a cow shirt or a tractor or some farming men then let me know.

The next morning {Saturday}; we got up, we did dishes, we played, we made lists, and we headed to do the Walmarts before picking up Big Sister.

AND we went to a local resale shop to look for a project item– a lamp.

When I decorated for Christmas, I had to move the table & lamp from the foyer to put one of my trees up. Now said lamp is in a better place that it will stay in so I needed another for temporary purposes until I figure out what exactly I want in there. So, off to Abilities Unlimited & we scored a $7.50 treasure to fix up.

{yes, I am one who is impatient and I was tired of the foyer being so dark from lack of lampage so we found one for cheap to serve it’s purpose until I find one I can’t live without}

After getting E down for a nap, I got all my supplies gathered… or what I could scrounge up…

I wanted it matte black… no black paint to be found in my collection.

Until I remembered in the farm office there was a countertop painting kit I had used that had matte black primer in it…That’ll work.

So here it is.

I just needed some light because I finally got my deco back up on my piano & it looked like a cave every time I walked through.

As far as meal prep, this was my favorite– Birthday Cake Protein Waffles.

{LOW LOW CARB– like 2-3 carbs per waffle I think I figured up}

Husband got me hooked on the Bowmar protein powders because they don’t smell like vitamins, they actually taste good, and they’re safe to cook with.

These waffles are so good{recipe to follow and I’ll attach a link here once I get it typed}.

And made BBQ tacos

Now it’s Monday, so today will also be full of projects because it’s a holiday & NO SCHOOL.

I’m thinking I can finally finish “finding joy” in the girls’ room, and maybe find something else to clean. Or a nap with the girls. Or maybe cook something besides the jars I’ll be doing later.

I am making bbq sauce today & I’ll have jars up on the page later!

Happy Monday 🙂

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