{Storytime Pt. 2}

I am not my husband, so to say I know his side completely would be a lie, so here’s the jist of it.

When he got dressed, he immediately high-tailed it out of town to get to the hospital.

That meant weaving in and out of trash trucks, and about halfway there he got the call.

The head nurse who had so graciously been tending to me and keeping up with my belongings thought to check my phone because she knew the last call I made had been to my husband.

When she got word that the baby and I were ok, she went back for said phone, called my husband, and it went something like this {is my understanding}

“Sir this is Nurse [insert first name], I have been taking care of your wife and I was going to let you know that she and the baby are alive.”

Ok, thank you

“Sir you can slow down now, they’re ok.”

No ma’am I can’t. Not until I lay eyes on my girls.

They arranged to meet at the front double doors, and she {again}graciously took him straight to Piper in the nursery. He laid eyes on her perfect, tiny, 7lb self, and apparently one of the nursery nurses didn’t like that so much.

“You can’t be in here without…”

The head nurse cut her off and immediately told her he had every right under the circumstances to be in there and she would mind her own business.

He texted his mom that “Baby girl is here.”

That’s when all heck broke loose and the wild goose chase was one finding all the family.

He had no idea that I had not been able to contact anyone but him.

{Now let’s flip to my side of the story at this time}

I remember the mask coming on and that was it.

I woke up facing a clock that said 3:30pm. I tried to sit up and I screamed.

I remember seeing 2 nurses and screaming at them a few things…

  2. “IS SHE OK”

And that is when they told me I needed to go back to sleep.

So I did. And then when I woke up again, they told me I could go to a room now and that my husband was waiting.

So in I rolled into a sight I had never seen. A distressed and distraught {the most crucial understatement in this whole ordeal} husband with his head in his hands.

He looked up and that’s just all he could really do. I don’t remember him saying anything, but just looking at me with wide eyes. Then they brought her in. They brought my perfectly healthy miracle baby in.

Then the next person I saw come through were my parents. I saw and heard my dad’s voice crack with tears. I was so confused. Why was my daddy upset? Next came all of our grandparents, Husband’s parents, and our siblings. Everyone just stared. One grandma was sobbing over Piper and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.

All anyone kept saying was it was a miracle. The nurses were all bewildered that this baby was alive and I didn’t understand.

We had a good friend who was a nurse in the same hospital. When he showed up at {what I thought was 1am for some weird reason–reality like 6:30pm} to “lay eyes on me and Andy to make sure everyone was ok” I knew something was up for sure. I was still on some heavy pain medications so I wasn’t totally coherent of what had happened.

I didn’t fully understand until my doctor made rounds to check on me and explained in grave details the severity of the situation.

I had had a nearly full placental abruption with no warning signs or symptoms except miraculously having an appointment at the same time it was occuring. She just happened to be listening to Piper’s heart while it was happening. She could not explain it. I was basically bleeding to death internally & my child’s lifeline to me was cut 90% of the way when they got to her. She had no idea how it had all ended perfectly except by the grace of God because it shouldn’t have. Things that happened like this did not have the outcome we were so blessed to have.

So here is the basic story of my miracle baby.

Here is the foundation of my deep appreciation for any mother willing to love and protect and provide for her children.

Here is my beyond thankfulness for doctors who take their time to take care of us when we need them.

Here is my explanation of my weak spot in my heart for children.

Here is my deep rooted explanation of why I pick my battles.

There were almost no battles to pick in the first place.

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