Another Uh Oh

My friends who are make-up sales reps and cosmetologists and estheticians are going to cringe and cry when I say this…

{BUT my friends will know the struggle is real sometimes}

It’s possible I not only slept in my make-up Monday night….but maybe also Tuesday night…

It’s indeed also possible that I just added a little powder over it and some eyeliner/mascara and went with it so I didn’t run late for duty and morning tutoring.

Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

The sad part is I got more compliments on my make-up yesterday that I slept in than the day it was fresh. {oof}

Sometimes once you get all the kids to bed and you’ve made your nest in the bed, you don’t want to risk losing that warm spot in the bed.

So you forefeit the washing of the make-up.

{This is real life}

This happens. More than I like to admit, but it’s just because I weigh my options.

And I’m lazy.

Cozy in bed {or} get up, wash face, risk waking up children by making the dogs bark/water running/etc.

Could I wash my face before the kids go to sleep? Yes. Possibly.

But does it always work out that way? No. Absolutely not.

Sometimes ER goes to sleep AFTER Princess Pi, so that leaves me with one hand and I kinda forget….because I am forgetful.

That’s also real. Lots of forgetfulness.

It just happens.

So tonight I’m making up for my make-up mistakes times 2…

Doing a little at-home-DIY-dermaplane between appointments, using the good facewash, the black mask, and a healthy dose of moisturizer.

So yes, girl wash your face {at some point}.

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