Mom Hacks {Episode 2}

These may not necessarily be hacks, but they seem to make my life easier as a mom or enhance it.

  1. Slice & Bake Cookies

We love some slice & bake at our house, but those out of the box cookie flavors typically come in the 12 large cookies… that doesn’t last long at our house with people grabbing 1-2 at a time. So a little remedy I had instead of buying extra packages so everyone can eat the huge cookies or breaking them—that will cause a toddler meltdown; cut them into halves or fourths before breaking and re-roll them into balls to bake.

This doubles the amount of cookies, cuts back on how many we eat at one time, it also helps because they’re portioned for the small peoples. Bite-sized seems to work better & Piper says they’re cute.

It also makes the cake platter look full and pretty.

Even if they still get eaten pretty quickly…

2. Great Value Snack Bags

I like to buy bulk, that’s no secret. I like easy. I like quick. I also like to save money.

I’m out on buying the prepackaged snacks like Chex Mix. I’ve found that it’s more cost effective and easier to just buy the family sized bags & divvy them up into the snack sized baggies. It takes a little time on Saturdays, but I actually end up getting more pre-bagged snacks for us to grab on the go or that Piper can open herself than if I bought the prepackaged ones. I also get more in a bag that the ones in the store.

More actual snack mix, more snack mix bags, costs less. That’s a win for me.

I grab them on the way out in the mornings for my lunch bag, Piper can open them herself, and if keeps me from having to get bowls down to put it in for her and then have to wash them.

Less dishes, more better.

3. Chicken Strips

{No this has nothing to do with butchering a live chicken to get the strips–let me head that off right there}

I recently {like last weekend} have started {and like the idea even more as the week has gone on}buying the bulk package of chicken breasts at Walmart–the ones for like $7-$9 with 7-8 pieces in them. I cut 4 into small strips to fry & boiled 3 to shred for a casserole.

Just those 4 breasts cut up and fried filled a gallon sized bag to be eaten on all week and used in meals {like that cajun cream sauce & pasta}.

So not only did I get more chicken than I would have in the prepackaged & frozen chicken strip bags, but it was technically cheaper.

Did it take some time? Yes, but it’s worth knowing what the strips are actually breaded in, getting more for my money, and having fresh strips in the fridge all week.

Next time I’m thinking of getting 2 packs and using my nifty vacuum sealer to freeze a few packs of them and packs of shredded chicken.

Think about it, the frozen Tyson shredded chicken is $7.

I paid $7ish for the whole pack of chicken breasts, got a gallon of chicken strips & half gallon of shredded chicken.

Definitely something I’ll do from now on.

Now for fun stuff.

These are a few of my new favorites.

  1. Mrs. Meyers

I recently ordered this on Subscribe & Save on Amazon Prime & I love it!

I wanted to start finding cleaners that actually smell good, work well,  and I kept seeing this one pop up. {Like Amazon was reading my mind…which I’m kind of ok with. Facebook, not so much.}

So I looked through all the scents and decided on Geranium because it was described as more of a fresh smell than flowery—-flower smells gross me out. Sweet Pea from Bath & Body works makes me want to gag. It legit gives me a headache.

I got the set of hand soap, multi-purpose spray cleaner, and dish soap.

The dish soap compares well to Dawn I will say. It does cut grease, and has that fresh smell without the hint of chemicalness like some have or the over bearing artificial smell.

The hand soap isn’t rough on your hands, and the spray cleaner also works great on our countertops and the stovetop.

So far I’m pleased with it, and upped my scheduled delivery for more.

{Link here}

2. Dryer Balls

I’m all about cost effective—so why not ditch the dryer sheets, cut back on drying time, AND get more lint/hair off your clothes.

{getting lint/hair off of clothes is essential in a house with girls & dogs}

I got these wool dryer balls to remedy that.

These last a minimum of 1000 washes each and over 3 years.

At that rate, that’s less than $3 a year for what I paid for the bag of 6.

Instead of paying more for regular dryer sheets, I reuse these wool balls.

It definitely helps when I typically overload the washer {oops} and throw everything in the dryer. Atleast now everything dries in the one cycle and I don’t have to start the dryer again….like that load that included every towel we had in the house the other night.

Just oof. That’s a bad day when you realize you haven’t washed towels and you know that someone’s going to need a clean one to take a shower when they get off work.

{Click here to see for yourself}

3. Jars of Stuff

I have had so much fun creating these jar recipes, so why not tell you my favorites.

a. cake batter–I like it best just eating it right out of the jar with a spoon. I mean why not; or I guess it’s also pretty good on ice cream with extra sprinkles.

b. apple butter- that on a blueberry bagel, heated up on ice cream with cinnamon, on toast or biscuits, mixed into pancake batter. Just put it on everything.

c. caramel– this on waffles, ice cream, cake, AND brownies with some sprinkles. It’s also good if you mix it into melted chocolate & let reharden into candies.

4. Blogging. I forgot how much I like blogging.

{Even if it is random & annonying to some people}

That is all.

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