What’s In the Pan?

So last night I was 2 for 2 for home cooked meals this week on Husband’s off days…

And I wanted guesses for a contest this week on what was in the pan…

Because I have a goal for the Facebook page, and we need to up the likes.

What better way with giving away some jars & a special prize?

So keep reading to find out what was in the pan, who the winner is, and what the special prize is…

{AND now to the real blog post…}

Again, I really forgot how much I enjoy sewing.

I’ve started making hairbows, farm t-shirts, and repurposing some clothes of Piper’s.



Extreme growth spurts…

We’re on the side of 4ft tall…. at 4 years old…

We went to a part a few weeks ago, and she was a whole head taller than all the kids her age.

So she doesn’t wear toddler clothes. She is in a 6/7 and some 7/8… and when a growth spurt hits, there’s no turning back…

Last Fall, we went to get the girls some warmer clothes. Piper was in a 5-5/6 and a sz 11 1/2 shoe. So I got 12’s…

2 weeks later everything was outgrown…

So I learned my lesson…

So this week/weekend my project is to repurpose some of her outgrown, like-new clothes to fit her & some hand me downs from some friends.

{Yes, pictures will come later} 

Piper thinks it’s so fun to have “fancy” clothes just for her, which is great. She just likes to have options & I’m great with that.

I like having clothes that if we spill something or splatter or get dirty in, it doesn’t hurt my feelings if they ruin or if I have to get creative to cover up a stain.

It’s also why I don’t indulge in the high dollar brands like Matilda Jane or Wildflower or any of the Nike or Under Armour or anything that’s more than $15-20 for the whole she-bang—my luck they get outgrown within a week. I’m just not up for that.

So if I decline the invite to the pop-up shops, please don’t get offended. It’s just not cost effective to buy that stuff for a child who grows out of everything at high rates like she does. 

Also, she takes pride in not having the same clothes as everyone else because Momma has started adding sparkles or ribbon or lace.

So as I wrap this up, let me tell you the special prize for the contest winner…

The winner gets to pick 2 jars {any flavor} AND…

will get the newest Hurley Farms t-shirt design.

The winner will just need to let me know their t-shirt size.

{and if you didn’t win and you still want in on the shirts–yes you can buy one}

And in the pan was….

Meatloaf {with mashed potatoes, white cheddar mac’n cheese, & garlic biscuits}

AND the winner is…{drum roll}

Crissy Klober

Your guessing and liking paid off. Woot. Woot.

Message me your shirt size & flavors you would like!

Now keep sharing and look for the next contest!

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