In our house we love Jesus.

We believe in the Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

We believe the Bible is the true word of God.

All of it.

And you’re not going to change my mind.

So every night I pray.

I always thank the Good Lord for the things I woke up to because one of the hardest things I have learned through teacher eyes is that not everyone has the blessings we do.

Things like knowing the unconditional love of parents, love of siblings, love of grandparents, blessings of hot meals on the table, food on the table at all, heat to turn on when it is cold, a blanket to grab from the closet when it’s chilly, a tv to turn on when you want to relax, not having to worry if bugs will crawl in our bed, not having to worry if the water will turn on tomorrow, that I can wash clothes several times a week, that I have a tribe of friends to visit with & go through life with & who love my girls like their own, and a zillion other things I know for a fact I take for granted.

Because what if you woke up the next day with the things you only thanked Him for.

So then the “please God” comes after that.


Call your babies by name.

I pray for their future. I pray for their health. I pray their daddy & I show them we do everything for them out of love. I pray they know we truely love them no matter what. I pray they know Jesus. I pray we show them Jesus. I pray they be good, kind, wonderful girls. I pray for them to have lovely friends and to find their tribe of women like I’ve been fortunate enough to have. I pray they find good husbands one day. I pray they will know what a good husband and man is through how their daddy dotes and loves me.

{You may laugh, but my mother did this for me. She started praying for my future husband {that I can distinctly remember} when I was Piper’s age. I do believe I tried to set her straight because at the time I was convinced I knew who it was. Wrongo obviously.}

I call my husband’s name and that he will always know that I am his and he is mine. I pray he has inner peace. I pray he knows unconditional love through me. I pray that I’m a good wife for him and good mom for his girls.

I pray a lot of things.

Then I pray the heart of a teacher who sees every single kind of student from all walks of life.

Am I a perfect, award-winning educator?

Hecks No. Farthest thing from it. I’m the holder of a bachelors of science in mathematics that took me 6 years to get, currently on year 3 of teaching, and am learning every single day.

But I do know this much and take note of my veteran teacher/mentors and friends.


Call those babies by name. Their nickname. Anything.

Especially the ones who ask you to. The ones who say, “Mrs. Hurley, if you pray to a higher power of some kind, would you pray for me?”

They don’t always say why, but I don’t care if it’s because they stubbed their pinky toe, or because they can’t seem to find their way or need to have enough hours at work to get their family food.

I call those babies by name because no matter where they come from, someone needs to be on their side.

Me. Jesus. Their families. Admin. Their friends.

Someone. Anyone.

So I pray for my unbiological kids. I pray they study. I pray they remember what I teach. I pray they see Jesus in me. I pray they know they are loved. I pray they become wonderfully productive members of society in whatever path they choose. I pray they find their happy.

Some that I teach with pray over their desks.

Some mornings I catch myself doing this as I tidy up or put out fresh pencils or new paper for them.

Then I pray for my co-workers.

I’ve been overly blessed {if thats even a thing} with co-workers & a department who prays.

We don’t leave our weekly department meeting without someone praying.

Blessed and fortunate is an understatment.

So if you’re on the #gomath team and reading this.

Thank you my people for being Godly & loving women.

I’m no perfect teacher. No perfect mom. No perfect wife. No perfect human at all.

Especially at 26 years old.

I am no perfect Christian. I fail every day. I sin. I talk ugly. I gossip. I do things out of anger. I don’t get to church every week. I don’t put forth enough effort at things. I am lazy. I know these things.

I fail. Alot.

But I pray that I can be better, be loving, and be a better servant.

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