Recipe {No. 5}

I’m a weirdo when it comes to food.

I’m just being totally transparent here.

I like things paired together that probably shouldn’t be, and I don’t like things together that probably should be.

Exhibit A.

I like chicken strips dipped in honey, apple butter, and grape jelly.

You can thank KFC.

I accidentally dipped in my jelly meant for my biscuit and tada. It was delicious.

I like my corn & English peas piled and mixed into my mashed potatoes.

I like BBQ sauce on everything.

Except on scrambled eggs. Ketchup is meant to go on scrambled eggs.

{You can thank Gege & Stayce for that. It was how we were raised}

Melted chees on cut up hot dogs dipped in ketchup.

Funyons or plain Lays go with tuna fish salad sandwiches to scrape up the fallen pieces of sandwich.

REAL sweet pickles {not relish}go in said tuna fish.

Deviled eggs are of the devil.

I like onion rings with BBQ sauce on burgers.

I like crushed chips in turkey sandwiches.

I like food.

Now this ‘recipe’ is literally something I made up one time because I wanted some noodles, but I also wanted BBQ, and I always like chicken nuggets in general.

You can call it gross and immediately stop reading, but it’s a classic & easy microwave meal in our house that is quick when you’re short on time but need something hot & filling.

So I always start with some penne or rigatoni noodles to boil in the microwave {give or take 10-12 minutes depending on how many cups you do}

Then microwave some chicken strips or nuggets or whatever kind of meat you have–you could do leftover BBQ meat or grilled chicken or brisket probably.

Cut up said meat product into little bites. Strain water from noodles and throw in a bowl with a half stick of butter, about a hand full {maybe a cup?} of shredded cheese {we use pre-shredded GV fiesta blend}.

Stir this together with the meat that’s been cut up.

Now add a sprinkling of red pepper flakes for a little spice, and the good part…

Drizzle on your favorite sauce of choice {ours being homemade BBQ} and stir until all the noodles have a light coating. If you get too much it’ll be gloopy and gross.

Mix it together good and top with more shredded cheese to melt on top and you’re good to go.

No stove top. 1 plate. 1 bowl. 1 strainer.

It takes about 15-20 minutes maximum and that’s just because you have to wait on the noodles to boil.

It also works well with corn in it if you have some leftover cobs from Sunday dinner you can cut the kernels off or if you put it in a large casserole dish and put a thick layer of shredded cheese on top to melt over the whole dish.

I’m thinking this will be my lunch for tomorrow so a picture will come later.

I’ll be using up the last of the fried strips from last week, leftover noodles from the cajun sauce, and just stuff I have in the fridge already.

Nothing is better than using up those leftovers and cleaning out the fridge right?

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