Icing on the Cake

I have gotten to where I really enjoy taking time to ice my cakes that I do for holidays & when the rare occassion occurs that someone asks me to bake the ‘famous strawberry cold cake’ for their party.

So I have come up with my own set of “hacks” to ice a cake real quick.

Sometimes you just don’t want to spend the extra {or forget in my case usually}to get the nice icing bags and tips and such to ‘properly’ ice a cake….

Sometimes you go with what you have.

GV plastic bags.

They are my go-to if we’re making cupcakes and I want that pretty swirl on the top with my icing piled up.

They are also my go to for cakes in general because you can zip up the top and nothing squeezes out the top/back.


I’m all for easy.

So here’s my trick for the cute cupcakes and such.

I mean I took pride that I made Piper’s birthday cake/cupcakes.

it was presh & it was a cold rainbow marble cake that tasted fabulous—now that’s what I take pride in.

Now those cookies are all Stayce.

If the cake tastes good, then that’s all I care about.

I’ve done the ‘famous’ cake for a small backyard wedding.

Yea I’m gonna claim those.

I am no fancy shmancy decorator.

My mother is the cookie whiz.

I can do simple and whimsical.

Give me a marker & we’re in business though.

So here’s my plastic bag trick in action.

Cut the end to the desired width of icing & go to town with swirling it and such.


Once you’re done, throw it away.

Wipe the counter.

Top with sprinkles.


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