Lunch Hack of the Day

I do alot of meal prep. That’s no secret.

I am back on my baby-weight-losing-diet and I do a whole lot better when everything is prepped and you can grab things as needed.

It also just makes life easier in general.

For example.

That was all cooked this past weekend for lunches and dinners this week.

We typically have protein shakes for breakfast {or hot protein drinks if you’re me} with the Bowmar Fitness brand.


And I like to pack my lunches for school nice and pretty with good food too.

Today: bacon for a morning snack, grilled chicken strips with salad for lunch, and I took squash & zucchini casserole for supper if I got hungry since we stayed late for conferences.

Yesterday: pizza cups with salad and apples for a snack.

Salad is my go-to lately because I know it will sit in my school fridge fine and I’ll feel full.

But it’s annoying taking all the containers.

So after the icing on the cake yesterday, it dawned on me.

{why not do that with your salad dressing instead of packing a whole other pyrex to wash later}



I put my ranch in a small snack sized baggie like so…

When it came time for lunch; I snipped the end, drizzled it lovingly all over the top of my plate, and tossed it in the trash.

So much easier than pouring from a separate dish and risk spilling or dripping or sloshing or just having to wash another dish in general.

Because washing dishes is for the birds.

So there’s my knowledge of the day and from now on I’ll be diy-ing my own sauce packets like so for school.

Happy Tuesday my people.


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