How I Met Your Father

When I had Piper I made this same post on my old blog, but it’s just too good and one of my favorite stores to tell.

When we came home with Piper, I did the whole get up every couple hours thing and always ended up sucked into a show on tv.

Staying up to finish it of course.

And the next episode…

and the next…

until I was hooked on finishing and finding out how “How I Met Your Mother” ended…

Which got me thinking of how we’ll explain to our girls how their daddy & I met.

“OMG y’all must have that fairytale romance.”


More like Hannah tricked him…

Not really.

I grew up knowing my now brother-in-law as one of my closer guy friends. We were in school together from the start, we went to birthday parties together, he played football & I was a cheerleader, we walked in our senior homecoming together, and went to church & youth choir together.

My now father-in-law was my elementary school & jr. high principal. Growing up he was THE Mr. Hurley. There was a whole string of Mr. Hurley references comparing him to Chuck Norris because I mean really–he was THE man with THE mustache and THE coolest truck.

My now husband’s people were no strangers.

Well it was a week after my 18th birthday, my now BIL and I were on choir tour in Louisiana/Mississippi, and so were my brother & parents…with about 60 other people….

I was looking forward to a new start at UCA, and then fate.

I was rooming with a girl who also knew my now husband.

It was midnight.

The room barely had cell service.

We were also not supposed to be using our cell phones in the hotel room… oops. Sorry Stan.

She asked if I was really single–yep. What if I told you who thinks you’re ‘somethin’.

Do tell.

Well he’s older.

I like it already…

You’re friends with his brother.

Well this just got interesting. Give me your phone.

“hey you know Hannah is single and her number is…..”

Next morning I had a text, and my sick humor played tricks on him.

I played it off like he had the wrong person until he asked who it really was he was talking to…

“Your worst nightmare”


That was followed by a quick just kidding and lovely conversation about my weird obsession with velveeta easy mac & my questions about what would happen if the Trix rabbit actually ate Trix cereal or yogurt…

He had to think I was the weirdest human on this planet at this point, but he wasn’t scared off yet so we kept up the conversation {for technically now the next 9 years}.

Apparently his people asked who had been texting him all week and he told them they’d see.

We got home from choir tour that Sunday, and after our performance I marched my 5’3 self to where his 6’5 self was standing with his people and told him…

“Hold my shoes while I get my luggage.”

{hands over 4 inch Jessica Simpson pumps}

He got the up down from family and a big “ooooooh I see now.”

And afterwards he carried my luggage and my shoes to the car, we went to McDonalds, got medium cokes, and from then on it was like prancing through a meadow like a Disney princess.

I was the girlfriend after a few weeks–no questions asked…literally.

And then 3 years later… I was the fiancé…no questions asked…literally

And then 6 months after that…I was the wife.

And then 11 months and 10 days after that…I was the mom.

And then 3 years, 6 months, and 11 days after that…I was a mom again.

So Happy Valentine’s to my people. We don’t have a luxurious love story, but we have a fun one, and we have fun together.

 I was lucky enough to marry someone that’s my best friend & have the sweetest kids who think he’s as wonderful as I do.

So here’s my advice girls.

Be friends first. Best Friends Second. Then fall in love. Then choose to love each other everyday. Don’t settle. Find good men.

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