Friday Pt. 1

In my mind it has been Saturday… ALL. DAY. LONG.

Got up with the 2 day weekend mindset of 3,422 things to get done.

Realized within 5 minutes… psh. I got an extra 2 days. Relax.

So we got up and made our lists as posted earlier on Instagram & Facebook {click on the sides to follow}

Piper was taking this seriously serious.

All kinds of things on the agenda going to town with the little ladies in tow.

First we picked up some pants from the cleaners, delivered some shirts for the dance team for Senior Night tonight, and I saw the sign for the President’s Day sale at Ivan Smith…

There was a rug I’d had my eye on & I thought you know what…lemme go look.

So I did…

And I came out with a fabulous prize for the day.

I love cow hide obviously, but with metallic sparkly splotches?

Yes. It needs some adjusting placement wise, but is that not beautiful.

O. M.G.

So from there I got a text from a friend that a store on the square was 70% off—-“Piper you want to go look at a clothing store?”

Sure–will they have things my size?

“We’ll see”

Do they have toys?

“I think so.”


So we all 3 got out and they still had some good stuff left & again…

Came out with some prizes– distressed overalls, a jumper to go over most likely a denim shirt, a mint piko top, a few necklaces, and an x-small top that actually fit Piper as a dress.

For 70% off… #thankscrossstitch

Then we did Walmart.

I believe “Whoa Susannah” calls it Satan’s playground… accurate.

We got our list of things we needed and 1 or 2 wants, but most importantly restocked several necessities like ziplocs, trashbags, laundry detergent, but most importantly–my hair products.

All of them.

Shampoo. Conditioner. Dry Shampoo {THE most important one in a mother/teacher’s repetoirre} Hairspray.

The HASK brand is my favorite! Easy on the wallet & effective. Their hair masks are so gentle and smooth out even the coarsest of hair.

Because Lord knows he gave me a head full of coarse, curly, fuzzy hair.

It’s all kinds of special.

So when we got everything loaded from the Walmarts into the front seat with the rug, the Cross Stitch bag, and purses; off to Brookshires with some popcorn shrimp & icees in tow.

{Note to self….mixing strawberry & white cherry is a wonderful idea}

Who else loves the buggies at Brookshire’s? What I would give to be able to ride on the bottom of those buggies again.

So while Piper was on the bottom with her shrimp having a grand time, sister was in the actual seat of the buggy as we scoured the famous penny sale and 5 for $5 off and any other deals we could find.

And did we ever find some deals…

4-6 packs of diet cokes for $9

10 boxes of cake mix for $10

Gogurt was BOGO for a penny– so we got 4 boxes to freeze.

Garlic Toast BOGO for a penny

Pork Tenderloins were not only $4.99 but also BOGO–so we got 2

Green Giant Frozen Veggies were BOGO–we got 2 boxes of roasted potatoes to go with the meat the husband smoked today

Sugar Free Shortbread cookies were on sale

Barbie Fruit Snacks on BOGO

AND Pillsbury cinnamon rolls & crescent rolls were on sale 3/$6 so we got 3 of the cinnamon rolls & 3 of the Hawaiian sweet crescent rolls

Large bags of shredded cheese was BOGO so of course we got 2–that will last maybe 2 weeks…

AND BOGO freshly shaved deli meat

It was a fabulous day of stock ups.

Some things we’ll eat up or use up this next week, and some things we can use to freeze to use later {like one of the tenderloins, the potatoes, the gogurt, the toast, etc.}.

So here’s to the weekend.

And here’s to the husband for doing the meal prep today.

{smoked baby backs, smoked tenderloin, & smoked sausage}

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