Sunday Pt. 2

{5:43 pm}

The Toddler has chosen a BBQ taco for supper, and I’m fixing to find joy in cleaning out these leftovers from Hachi Hachi last night.

Because I have worked really hard today….

not really.

But I did reorganize my make-up & build {if you want to call it that} a new make-up table.

That took maybe 15 minutes, but so worth being able to spread my products out and not have the bulky little end table in the way trying to get to our actual clothes.

Pretty pumped about that.

Although, as I was cleaning I was picking up some of Husband’s things & found the watch I gave him for Christmas.

This is something I’ve been meaning to show off.

I’m not a big sentimental, emotional, feely, huggy, all in my feelings, lovey-dovey, anything.

The Husband totally out does me as far as acts of love & sentiment & telling me how he feels. He out does me in all those areas. He’s wonderful haven’t I told you?

When we went to pre-marital counseling I’m pretty sure we told the pastor that I had no emotions or a black soul or something along those lines.

I’m not one to do much with the emotions element.

I’m just not.

I have a very hard time with explaining how I feel in words when it comes to that sort of thing & can not explain things clearly when I have any kind of emotion that is intense.

So when you ask me did I cry when my kids were born—no, the first one I was alseep, the second I was chillin’.

Did you cry when you got married? When we were driving I had a mini-meltdown because I felt guilty and overwhelmed I couldn’t help clean everything up and we had just left and ohhhhhh. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to handle that rush of emotion. Don’t ask.

Don’t ask me why. That’s just how it came out.

I say that to say to tell you about this watch because I was & still proud.

It may not seem like much or a big deal, but here in our house we aren’t big on surprises except for the girls.

We typically ask what each other wants, say ok, find it on Amazon, and order it.

Well this year I managed to pull out the surprises.

Husband told me 2 different tools when I asked what he wanted from my parents.

I told them one and I got the other.

Then I got the bright idea to get him a new watch when I was looking for some stocking stuffers.

{Santa goes all out y’all—-sorry but I’m also not good at abiding by the 5 gift thing. Not sorry. In our house, Momma & Daddy have to help Santa pick everything out—-we get some credit too.}

Husband doesn’t really wear one or have the need to or opportunity, but just in case I had an idea–and needed another stocking stuffer.

So I found this really cool {manly} wooden faced watch with leather band.

Then I took it to a local store on ‘the square’ here in town–Story’s on the Square.

They have this nifty machine to duplicate handwriting, and engrave/burn it into things.

My dad got me and my mom my great-great-grandmother’s famous caramel pie recipe on a cutting board one year—my favorite thing ever and it’s proudly displayed next to my mixer.

Well then the sentimentalness came in.

Some people have engraved wedding bands–we don’t. Husband rarely gets to wear his because he can’t wear it at work & he doesn’t wear it doing farm stuff so he doesn’t lose it.

So why not engrave the watch with something we say back and forth.

“go buy me some food”

Totally kidding, but that is a pretty loving phrase if you ask me.

Food is important and totally my love language.

Well I took the watch to Story’s, wrote my thing on some paper, and they had it ready pretty quickly.

I was pretty proud of the sentiment and that the watch looked cool in general.

But now I have a list of things of people’s handwritings I want engraved in or on things.

And I’m still proud of my ‘sentimentalness’ and ‘lovey-dovey’ thought because that doesn’t happen very often.

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