If there will be a follow up to this–who knows. Depends on how long I actually take to write it {10:02am}…

It’s obviously Sunday– and let me just tell you a few things.

  1. We all have snot.
  2. We are all coughing like 97 year old men telling knock knock jokes to the young’uns.
  3. There are local schools in the area CLOSED due to the flu being so bad…
  4. We gone’ stay home…

“So wash your hands & say your prayers because Jesus & germs are everywhere”

So we have snuggled with doses of Benedryl & Claritin & Tylenol Cold

{oh my}

While the Husband sleeps from coming off of night shift.

And let me tell you…

There is no sneaky {or silent} like the wife gathering the baby’s medicine, toddler’s cup, & some socks whilst the man is sleeping after a 12 hour shift.

There is also no loud like that of a toddler prancing to Vampirina’s theme song while he sleeps either…

Any other time I probably wouldn’t be able to hear her steps…

There is no more intense shushing than that of barking dogs…

Bless it.

But how he sleeps so little & gets up & does farm work & then goes for his shifts at his “real job” makes no sense to me.

I am lucky to function with my sleeping schedule to go to my normal teaching job & be off every weekend, let alone sleep 3-4 hours then do one job for myself then another for someone else for 12 hours.


So for today we have snuggled, we had protein waffles, we have cleaned some, and I’m going to experiment with making some low carb protein cookies later.

Yesterday though, we “found joy” in a few places as Marie calls it…

I’m kinda becoming obsessed with that show…thanks alot Netflix.

We found joy in the toy chest in the living room—which we can now shut again…

We found joy in my side of the closet {or one technically}

Then later today I’m hoping to find joy in the other part that holds my clothing… hoping being that significant word because it might not happen.

Who knows. I tend to live minute by minute.

I like plans, but they change. Rule 1 of being a teacher is being able to monitor & adjust.

Well so is being a parent.

I had big plans to do dishes first this morning, but I had a baby who just wanted to be held because she is snotty & doesn’t feel well.

So I sat longer than I would have wanted, enjoyed some Fancy Nancy, read the LOL Collector’s guide with my 4 year old, but did manage to magically get the laundry room tidy & wiped down even though that was not even one of my original thoughts.

I have attempted to now sweep about 7 times because each time I get side tracked doing who knows what.

And now I finally have both girls asleep {2:48pm} & I’m making protein peanut butter cookies thanks to Sarah Bowmar’s cookbook.

And at only 16g carbs for the WHOLE recipe–I’m all for it. It was worth every penny to download.


And as I’m standing here with the windows open.

I can see spots I missed painting on the wall.

Just uhhhhh.

I can do that on Spring Break…

If these kitchen walls could talk, they’d talk your ears off.

They would never let me live down the orange paint….like my husband won’t.

{story time}

So the walls in my kitchen used to be this horrible..ugly…maroon..brick…brown…red color.

When I was unknowingly pregnant with Piper though, the pregnancy brain came full force before I knew anything was up.

{Even though it actually took like 10-11 weeks before I knew things were up}

I got the BRILLIANT idea that I wanted my kitchen orange to match the outlining on my coton color canisters.

Not just any orange, but neon Halloween pumpkin orange.

It looked like a jack-o-lantern puked on the walls.

Awful. Disgusting. Cheap. Horrid.

All understatements.

But while I was pregnant, it was beautiful to me.

People who came through the house and I ‘showed it off’…

You bunch of lying sacks of you-know-what.

Piper was born.

We come home.


“Stayce can you help repaint my kitchen because this is the most awful thing I have ever seen.”

So my mother remedied the situation, and then graciously helped paint my kitchen the same color that the rest of the house is.


What some people don’t realize is when we remodeled the kitchen and my sweet precious husband shiplapped it white…

It left some open spaces because we moved the fridge, put new cabinets in, etc..

So the spot were the fridge originally was, was now visible with ALL the colors of the kitchen: maroon/brown, jack-o-lantern puke, and finally the serene plain jane taupe.

“COVER THAT MESS UP” my inner Joanna Gaines screamed.

Finally a few months ago, I just marched myself to Walmart, bought the pre-mixed Platinum Ring paint+primer all in one interior paint, and went to town.

Covered that up, and went ahead and painted all the way down into the foyer & dining area to match.

That lead to painting the living room to match which lead to the hallway which will probably lead to other rooms but we won’t get that excited about it yet.

So needless to say, when we originally started the renovation project Husband was so very hesitant to let me make any decisions…

But so far so good–seeing as no pregnancy brain was involved.

Grey cabinets, matte black fixtures, wooden tops handmade by Husband, white farm sink, white shiplap, and this fabuous farmhouse style island my dad built & I painted.

And of course loving the chalkwall that Piper thoroughly enjoys.

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