Marie Kondo may be on to something with this “joy” method.

Over winter break if you saw my Instagram & Facebook, then you know that me & the girls cleaned out the toy chest, the master bathroom cabinets, medicine cabinet, my makeup, the closet, the dresser, & the nightstand.

We found lots of joy and a birth certificate I had been looking for since 2016.

Now I have 2 copies of my birth certificate & found our marriage license so that’s probably good.

But literally–the girls were my helpers.

Friday we did the toy chest. Piper was my big helper, until she she decided to play with toys she was finding; but she atleast was totally fine with cleaning things out.

“Do you want to keep this?


“ok cool. put it in the trash bag.”

We did that (now the lid shuts on the toy chest) , I got the cool cow hide metallic rug (thank you Ivan Smith because it’s perfect), we managed to clear off the kitchen table partly, and then we tackled the master bedroom/bathroom.

I’ve put off that last project since Christmas…

{BUT} my reasoning is the more cleaning out and organizing I get done now, the less I have to worry over on Spring Break & we can enjoy some way better activities than cleaning and organizing.

So Saturday, we did the closet– I cleaned out my clothes that either don’t fit properly or I have not worn in over a year, reorganized the cabinet with my jeans & shorts, cubicles where we keep my jewelry & some galvanized buckets with socks and things, and the shoes…

Oh the shoes….

I have a basket full because I need to get an organizer for the floor to put them on. My boots and wedges line the top of the closet alone.

I was pretty pumped.

Then Sunday we did the bathroom–and stayed up late doing it.

I managed to get my tiny sidekick to sleep about 9:30 pm, and I started to scrubbing things.

Next thing I knew at 10 pm, my big sidekick was up and ready to scrub and make things sparkly she said.

She grabbed her pack of baby wipes and went to town on the tub & the cabinets.

You go Glen Coco.

Something I need to get in a better habit about is checking expiration dates on medicines. It’s just not something I think about because we go through the usual Advil, Aleve, Benedryl, etc. before I even think about the expiration dates with ease.

No we aren’t hypochondriacs, but when you have a farming husband with severe outdoor allergies cutting hay in the midst of pollen season and such AND a toddler who is following in his footsteps–you buy stock in Benedryl, Flonase, and the Sudogest you sign your life away & blood of your first born for when you buy it.

So check your medicine cabinet folks— we had expired sinus meds, expired cough syrups, half empty bottles of random things. Those do you no good.

Keep your meds up to date and on hand because waking up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache and no pepto is no bueno.

Then we cleaned out under the sinks & the drawers—just oof.

I found bottles of hair products I’ve never touched—expired probably.

8 year old hair extension clip ins that don’t remotely match my hair color whatsoever & used in my wedding—trash.

Random bobby pins, Random hair ties. Random lotion bottles. Random nail polishes in random drawers. Contact boxes. Just trash.

Then came the scrubbing and sweeping and such where Piper came in to help.

I’m all for it. She is learning early.

So she was wiping everything with the baby wipes as I followed with my Mrs. Meyers {click for link—- I LOVE this stuff}.

It smelled so fresh & clean.

Then we swept and mopped up the hair and dirt and all things that fall on the bathroom floor. Vacuumed the rugs.

And mopped. This is when I am thankful for swiffer wet jet mops. I am also thankful for the wood wet jet things so I can be even lazier with my cleaning.

I like easy. The mop & bucket is so not my style.

Swiffer is the way to go.

We got to bed around 11:30pm that night.

Next morning we got supplies for some pipe legs for a make-up table, a t-shirt to make Piper a “new” dress from a dress that she outgrew, and ran a few errands.


After we saw the husband off to work, we ended the weekend clean-out Marie Kondo style with the dresser & nightstand.

Let’s just say that I matched up my socks for the first time in almost 6 years.

I also found joy in other items I found and no joy at all with things I should have thrown away 3 years ago probably.

I found lots of joy in the birth certificate I needed 3 years ago when I was hired for my teaching job.

Found joy in the notes my 1st year students wrote me.

Found joy in the wedding memorabilia like the Husband’s boutonniere I had made myself, our wedding license (real & “pretend”—oh we’ll talk about that later), my bedazzled headpiece & garter, and pictures galore.

I found absolutely no joy in old coupons, old maternity catalogs, old notebooks from college I thought I’d need teaching math—-um no, old pens, random boxes of pencil lead that I’m quite confused on where the pencils are– I never can find my pencils, and I even found my CPR mask from my college first aid class—probably a good idea to have in my classroom.

So it’s all cleaned out. I filled trash bags like nobody’s business & trash day can’t come soon enough…

So maybe Marie has a method to her madness.

You still won’t catch me greeting my home…or talking to it in general.

So here’s my mini tour of our cleaned-out closet & bathroom. Yes some things need to be wiped again and dusted more, but sorry we actually live hers.

{Yes I have a youtube for videos because for some reason they don’t upload to my blog. Ugh.}

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