Marriage License

So here’s a funny…

Depending on what license you go by, I’ve either been married 5 years and a month and a half or 6 years and a month.

It still makes me giggle.

So our pastor got sick, along with a bunch of other folks who got sick and apparently passed their germs around. Errybody got sickly.

Except us thank goodness.

So we went on our weekend getaway, and got back to pick up my Ellie dog from my parents.

“Oh by the way we got you a new marriage license”

Excuse me.

“Well in the midst of all the crazy going on with the homeless people coming in and people being sick and such, well the wrong date got put on the license so instead of being married Dec. 28, 2013, it said January 28, 2013. So we went and got a new one done and filed.”

We got a good laugh out of it, but here’s a few of our wedding pictures because they’re my favorite.

And yes. For real. People were walking in asking for money or wandering around while we were getting ready for the wedding.

Fun stuff guys because nothing in my life can be normal.

{including my wedding dress– that story is for tomorrow. 3 words. Sickly, sparkly, & stolen}

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