Wheeling & Dealing

If you’ve read any of the early blogs on some of the beauty products I’ve tried and reviewed, you’ll know I’m not only cheap, an Amazon junkie, or a product junkie; but also that I like finding and sharing good deals & finds.

So here are a few lately I’ve had & of coures a fun story.

I like sharing the stories because they’re funny. The products are just plain fun.

  1. Clothes

Again, no secret I love Amazon— and it comes in handy when you’re in a time crunch.

For example, my brother gets married next weekend and of course we all need nice outfits for the family photos and such festivities that it will entail.

Husband is content with things he already has, Piper already has her flower girl attire, so that leaves me and the tiny human needing outfits.

Amazon to the rescue of course with a dress I saw on a Facebook Ad, but of course I found it in a different color that I liked better & cheaper with free shipping!

You can’t beat free shipping.

Now for tiny precious’s outfit.

You see, the weather here in Arkansas is tricky…

So planning nice outfits to go with a wonderful event like a wedding is a bit tricky itself.

{BUT} I ended up finding something that could go with warm & sunny or on the chilly side.

And of course how do you go wrong with a price of $12 and free shipping.

You don’t.

Now to find shoes.

2. Teeth

Now here’s the fun part.

A few weeks ago, one of my students was telling me that “Mrs. Hurley, no one really write anymore or reads blogs. You need to try doing a vlog on Youtube or something.”

SO after my Walmart find this afternoon, I thought why not—let’s try this vlog thing.

  1. I sound like a bigger redneck than Hannah Montana.
  2. I lose my train of thought too easily to ‘vlog’. At that rate, we would have chased the rabbit all through Wonderland.
  3. I realized my camera aimed right at the pile of dirty clothes behind me
  4. In the midst of me talking, I was applying my Walmart find & couldn’t keep a straight face.
  5. Again, I sound like I should be in the front yard with 12 children all barefoot shooting 22’s at opossums with Gretchen Wilson blaring in the background.
  6. Just a bad idea all around.

SO you will only get real blogs… sorry not sorry students.

Now for story time which I attempted in a vlog, but that was a disaster.

At 6 am this morning I used one of the last scoops of formula for the tiny precious, and that would warrant a Walmart trip with my 2 Gerber coupons after school.

Well let’s just say when I looked out this morning, I failed to actually check my trusty weather app.

It was sunny, chilly, and the clouds looked like they were rolling away to let more sunshine through…

and on the way to work the rain started…

{Well when you have short people problems….rain is a probelm when you wear pants}

So my cute faded flares… were sopping wet by 3:19pm.

You see, we have an “open campus” with breezeways & awnings, and that is sometimes a problem depending on how the wind blows and the rain falls.

Like today.

Sopping wet pants legs.

So again, by 3:19pm, my pants were soggy & saggy, and I still had to go to Walmart.

I walked through Walmart in my soggy bottoms with no shame, got my 2 canisters of Gerber, and had to check the clearance aisle with no children in tow in case the Easter Bunny needed a little help picking anything out that Santa had put on clearance.

While scouring the yellow tags, I found a white tag that said $5.

And I double checked said tag.

Yup $5.

It was Rembrandt Whitening Strips. {the catch being they expire in May, but I’ll use them before May surely}

Now, seeing as we’ll do lots of smiling and such for the wedding, these are perfect.

Pack of 28 strips so you can do 2 a day. $5.

Here’s the funny part to me—they are in the clear security box that they have to take off at the register by calling a CSM over with a key.

Just tickles me.

Fast forward to when I was attempting to vlog.

I had my empty coke can at the ready because every time I try these whitening strips, I end up spitting like I have a dip in my lip.


With my spit can at the ready, I started putting on the whitening strips.

Yep, sturdier than the Crest brand for sure, but kinda difficult to bend around my teeth.

Now in the video I’m talking….trying to put these whitening strips on, spitting, sounding like I need to be named Bubba, and at this point I begin foaming at the mouth trying to keep these strips in place.

{I mean that’s just super flattering right?}

Biggest disaster.

Spit is everywhere. I can’t get to a towel quick enough. I try to spit in the can and that’s a no go, but make it to the sink and try to get this foam out without letting the whitening strips out of place.

Nope. That was a fail. Between the foam, top strip, bottom strip, spit, and such. Let’s just say I didn’t make it the full 30 minutes and the strips came off into the sink & I ended up just using my charcoal toothpaste.

My lesson today was don’t try to spit with Rembrandt whitening strips still in your mouth.

Just keep your mouth closed, and refrain from drowning for 30 minutes.

Or just don’t use whitening strips.

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