Grocery Stock-Up Day

Saturdays are my grocery days incase you haven’t figured that out.

Today it was time for the stock-ups at Brookshires, but not before getting gas in my car.

I always get gas at Walmart, and ever since I got my new car…

I ALWAYS pull up to the wrong side of the gas pump. Every. Single. Time.

Today though, we went to town with no rain, but while getting gas of course it came a tsunami. Just for reference, the awning above the gas pumps does no good in a rainstorm if its raining sideways. None.

So I pulled up to the pump, hopped out with my hood on, swiped my card, and realized there was no gas cover to open.

Sopping wet at this point, I cancel the transaction and go to a different pump.

{And yes I always anticipate and receive the funny looks people give when trying to figure out why I get right back in my car}

Then we pulled to another pump.

And on to Brookshires we went.

Today’s haul was a fabulous stock-up on noodles & boxed noodle meals, frozen veggies {perfect for throwing in for veggie soup}, and Sparkling Ice waters.

If you’ve never had Sparkling Ice, you need to try it—totally not like that other fancy schmancy fizzy water that tastes like well…not good.

This one is SO good—no sugar, carbs, etc. and infused with vitamins.

Personally, the pineapple coconut is my favorite.

They were on sale for 89 cents so we got 10.

Perfect for making me drink water at school without having to drink plain water.

Something else— buy one get one free packs of noodles for $1.19– we got a couple different kinds AND I found just plain shape noodles like the Kraft mac’n cheese.

You know good and well the shapes taste better than the elbows. They are not the same.

And then there was something I’d not seen before.

Zatarran’s {spell check please?} pasta dinners. Yes PASTA. Not rice.

Well hello there delicious. New Orlean’s Style Alfredo, Jumbalaya Pasta, and some kind of White Cheddar. So let’s get one of each to try. K thanks.

They also had 10 for $10 brownie mixes, but I hit up the 10 for $10 cake mixes last time so there would be no where for them to go. They’d be homeless brownie mixes, and that would be sad.

We don’t need sad brownie mix.

Moving on.

Now time to check out.

If your town doesn’t have a Brookshires then you’re missing out.

Talk about a taste of hospitality. You do your shopping, push the buggy up to the check-out, the checker then takes the buggy, unloads said buggy, the bag boy bags them, loads the buggy back, AND THEN PUSHES IT TO YOUR CAR.

Do you know how nice & beneficial & worth every penny that is when you have kids with you.


Then once at your car, they load it in your car for you.

The only thing better would be if they’d come home with me to unload it and put it away and organize it.

And cook it.

But I’ll cut my losses on that. Loading it in the car is just a major selling point on shopping there, and after typing this and realizing how much better their service is than Walmart…I may avoid Walmart unless it’s non-groceries. We’ll see how that works out.

{BUT back to the moment I’m in the check-out line}

The kind young man bagging all the groceries notices Everly has not taken her eyes off him and what he’s doing, and acknowledges how cute she is {duh…I mean thank you sir} and how she’s just’a watchin’ him.

I’m watching the screen making sure things ring up correctly, and turn to look at her in my arms.

Low. And. Behold.

The child’s little button up unicorn outfit was dirty as all get-out on top from eating puffs before we left. Like how did I miss that. Oops.

{I used to really really really worry over people seeing my children in cutesy outfits and such}

Nah. Atleast they knew she was fed… Who cares.

So I did change her when we got home.

Speaking of.

Those frozen veggies? Perfect for soup?

Well soup is for Saturdays & I’ll explain that later.

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