Game Day {Pt. 1}

I am so into having Spotify playlists for my 17 minute morning drive to work to get motivated for my 8 hour day plus whatever else I incur.

Especially to go with any events of the day.

For example.

Today is the first round of the state tournament for our panthers and we are fortunate enough to be hosting the actual tournament.

Therefore, we have a home court advantage.

This also means we have a home court crowd to boost the momentum and pack the arena.

We are releasing schools at 1:30pm to be able to have as many people attend to support our boys.

We are going to “red out” the arena, and local businesses even pre-paid for tickets to give out to students to be able to get in.

The baseball team is coming to watch before leaving for their first season appearance in a nearby tournament.

The track team has their first meet today.

The softball team has run-ruled BOTH their 1st & 2nd game of the season.

The girls swim team is the state runners up & the boys are the state champs.

So today’s selection was “All I Do is Win”, “Remember the Name”, “Power”, and more from the game day playlist I found.

SO who’s ready for another great day to be a panther?

{Because all of Magnolia is pretty much}

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