ketchup {pt. 1}

Writing “catch-up” just doesn’t seem proper so ketchup it is.

Let’s play ketchup {catch up}.

Let’s talk about the ballgames first because I don’t know which is more exciting in all honesty.

So Thursday we got out of school early {1:30pm early}.

Businesses bought students tickets to get in.

This is the magical part…

They bought over 100, and the principals passed them out to students who normally wouldn’t get to go to a ballgame and those they saw doing good deeds and just those in general they thought were deserving.


I had kids coming in {who had never gotten to go to a ballgame} tickled to death that they could go watch their first game of the season.

Because $6 is a lot of money to some people. Some families aren’t fortunate enough to just go to a game, buy a $3 coke & $2 popcorn, and pay for their $6 ticket to get in or more depending on how many people are in the family.

Regardless, $6 to get in is expensive to high schoolers.

This was a big deal to the kids I saw; to be able to participate in the student section and watch a state tournament game was amazing to them.

It was amazing to all of us. The last time I saw the gym like this was 13 years ago.

Because it was a packed house. Standing room only. Student section was like a can of sardines.

Then the boys came out.

*Bring’em out. Bring’em out*

And the place went insane. That’s the only word I could think of to remotely describe the atmosphere and support for our team.

We showed up to show out—all of us. Fans, players, and students.

We showed up to cheer, to play, to chant, to scream, to sing, to dance, to clap, to do it all. We showed up to win.

We showed up like this with more intensity for each game.

We showed up to the point someone felt the need to make a Facebook post to let other teams know they had never seen anything like the way Magnolia supports their players and their school; that the atmosphere was just unreal and if their fans even wanted a seat, they had better get their early because Magnolia would consume every open space available.

{The wording was a bit different, but I’m taking it as a compliment}

Now the flip side of the ballgames—time to brag.

We always played after the girls’ games.

Our fans would come in and sit and wait for their games and typically whoever was playing ahead of us, our fans would clap for their teams.

Now this is where I was impressed by things I heard.

The last ballgame was Saturday night while I was attending my brother’s wedding, but I have heard from multiple people how impressed they were with Harrison fans. They were gracious & stayed to cheer on our boys after some of our fans did the same for their team the game ahead. So kudos to y’all for being wonderful, classy, and fabulous. That sounds so small of a gesture just to cheer for another team, but to me that’s a big deal & says a lot about just being supportive of high school sports in general.

Now another brag moment is coming, but that’s going to be part 2.

So here’s to our community, our teachers, our school, our players, and our faculty for being the hostesses with the mostesses and putting on an awesome 4A State Basketball Tournment, and here’s to our boys taking home court and coming in ready to play.

So if you’re just now jumping on the band wagon, just hold on because this team isn’t done regardless of Saturday’s outcome.

Magnolia Athletics aren’t done. We’re not just on fire in basketball, you should see our baseball & softball teams and don’t forget track. Then come on back in the fall for football, swim, golf, and volleyball.

Magnolia schools are so much more than we get credit for, so don’t just hop on the bandwagon and hop off.

Stay on for the ride and see what we’re really about.

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