ketchup {pt. 2}

Now here’s to the 2nd brag of the weekend.

I mentioned in the last post that if you’re just now jumping on the Panther Wagon, then you better hold on because it doesn’t end here.

Baseball, softball, and track are getting started up.

So when basketball ends, it doesn’t actually stop there; we move on to cheering for the next team.

In saying that, let me explain to those who aren’t from around here the awesomeness that is our baseball program.

It’s not that we win all of our games, have an awesome record, have a pretty cool field house *ahem, that panther mural on the floor though*, have such supportive parents, and have made several appearances in the state tournaments & title games, but the discipline and sportsmanship our boys show for other sports really showed this weekend.

{which is a T-total understatement}

This is not to say our girls team wouldn’t do the same because they are just as disciplined and have just as much sportsmanship . It just so happened the boys had a tournament that weekend of the state tournament.

Now, they have a 3 year streak of winning this tournament , and were going after a 4th. This would mean the current seniors had never lost this tournament in their baseball career…

Until they forfeited even getting to play in the championship game so they could make it back in time to cheer for the basketball team in the semi-finals on our home court.

The boys were given a choice to play at 12 & 2 and even if they won at 12, they would forfeit playing for the championship game that night and only play the consolation game at 2.

The boys made no bones about it. They were cheering for basketball that night, and leading the student section in their chanting and cheering. They rolled in to the arena that afternoon in their white baseball uniforms ready to rock.

And they did just that.

As a teacher to several of these students, I can’t tell you the feeling of pride that gives me knowing they sacrificed their own win to make sure the student section was in full force to cheer on their fellow athletes.

These boys (and girls) aren’t just a team in their own sports, but they and we are all a team with the same goal: be the best in whatever we do. Be the best panthers and represent Magnolia the best we can.

So this weekend, that meant sacrificing so they could be the best panther cheering section & best fans for the basketball team.

And in a few weeks when it’s baseball & softball state tournament time, we’ll do this all over again for them too. The send offs, the treats, the cheering, and packing Baum stadium hopefully.


I was watching on FB live before we left the wedding, and then we listened to the game on the way home. You could hear the student section over the radio loud and clear and I couldn’t be prouder.

Then after an amazing victory,…

The head baseball coach released the student section from the stands, the dog pile ensued, and the celebration began.

The video is absolutely priceless.

So if you’re still following the wagon, come on with it.

As we wind down basketball, we’re just getting geared up for our awesome Spring sports.

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