ketchup {pt.3}

Now let’s talk about a wedding.

The wedding more or less.

There were lots of surprises that’s for sure.

We all worked to get the whole thing thrown together in the midst of a not so favorable weather forecast that held off til late that night.

{thank you Jesus}

It was an absolute fairy tale, and like I said–surprises.

My brother built a little frame for a “donut wall”

Somehow his sweet new wife convinced him to write his own vows.

And let’s just talk about that for a second…

He didn’t say them too terribly loud, but the families up front could hear him & he even had them memorized so we thought. I somewhat think he was just saying it from the heart because that’s exactly how he felt.

Cue the tears from folks & the shocked looks that “quiet” baby brother {which they were in for a surprise later to see the Hayden we all know} was reciting his own wedding vows he wrote in front of about 100 people.

Then cue the even bigger tears from the bridesmaids & pulling kleenex from hidden “dress pockets.”

Tears all around for the sweet preciousness that was their vows and the teary bridesmaids.

And then 3 of the bridesmaids really couldn’t contain their crying. Bless them.

It. was. beautiful.

Like a fresh, blush, fairy tale.

Sequins. Candles. Donuts. Taco Bar.

Bucket of blankets for people who were chilly outside for the ceremony courtesy of Stayce.

Right off of Pinterest.

Nice & short ceremony.

Then the party.

It started with a taco bar, donuts, chips, salsa, and then toasts from the maid of honor & best man.

The best man’s was interesting because it was the unsung story of how Hayden met his now wife.

He basically pestered her to death til she liked him.

Partially kidding ,there’s more to that, but it’s their story to tell & I totally haven’t asked permission 🙂

Then the maid of honor gave a heart felt speech of their childhood and their shenanigans in school that was precious.

Then the dancing…

The couple had their first dance, the father-daughter dance, and then Brother forgot to tell Stayce there was a mother-son dance.


So they all danced and had a good time with small talk with everyone, and then the party started.

Dancing, dancing, more dancing, eating more tacos, and then the lip sync started.

Several had no idea that Hayden was so outgoing…like how do you miss that is my question…where have you been….who have you been hanging around the past 23 years…

I mean really now.

That is Hayden through and through.

And then…

The dedication to their beloved 9th grade English teacher.


So then the send-off at 7:45 pm was filled with bubbled, pictures, and the dip & kiss for some adorable pictures.

It was perfect, and regardless— we got them married & that’s what counts.


{And pictures for your viewing pleasure thanks to my phone & the fabulous Angela Lloyd Photography}

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