Wins of the Day {pt. 1}

Let’s talk about a few different wins….

because if you have been on my facebook within the last 15 minutes you would know for a fact there have been many throughout the day.

Win #1.

The air conditioner works.

Why is this a win? Because me & my cold natured self woke up to realize the air had not been blowing cold & the outside unit had not been running all night.

{Ladies this is when you’re thankful for working husbands who can fix most anything or call their own dad to help them get it fixed, and you bring home a gallong of ice cream for them from the Walmarts}

So at 5am when the husband gets home from work, he checks breakers & such, and then gets up after 3-4 hours of sleep {in a 76-78 degree house with only fans going might I add} to figure out what’s wrong and get to fixing it.

Now how did he fix it? Well after testing some parts and wires with his handy tools with the help of his dad this morning, he then…


to replace a wire that goes somewhere to make the unit outside work.

That’s about as much as I understood because I all I heard were spiders.

8 legged arachnids of death that I still do not understand how they were picked to ride with Noah.

I’m going to assume they won their tickets in poker like Jack on Titanic…


After risking life & limb to crawl amongst the evil 8 legged creatures—yes that is how I picture it….

the air is running and it’s a brisk 68 degrees in the house again.

Win #2.

I found some make-up coupons to use!

Because now that Christmas, Piper’s birthday, taxes are done, and my tanning bed isn’t being used to sort receipts & hide gifts from everyone and their momma…

I can get back in my glorious solitude that is acrylic & soak up 10-15 minutes of momma time.

So that means I need a little darker shade of foundation—thank you Revlon for the coupons and I snagged this 24 hr coverage with matte finish to try.

I also had coupons for Revlon lip product, eyeliner, and covergirl lip product, and then I found some really pretty opal nail polish that just happened to be nice & frugal—yet oh so pretty.

I usually buy the super cat skinny eyeliner pen by Soap & Glory, but that’s something you have to order…and Momma didn’t have time for that….and I had a coupon for $2 off of this kind so we’ll see how it compares.

Win #3.

These. Glasses.

$2.84 each….

For someone who has had her eye on the Pioneer Woman’s luster tea glasses….

these are a fabulous, nonbreakable, cheap option that I’ll probably need to buy 4 more to have a complete set.

Piper even had to have 2 her size she said so of course at $2.84 I was ok with it.


How perfect is that for an Easter basket of goodies to go with summer fun at the Jennings Resort for Bathing Beauties?

{and yes if you saw us out this morning, Piper picked her outfit. We have clothes, food, shelter, and we choose to look like Rachet Raggedy Ann}

It’s the next best thing to drinking from a coconut in my opinion, or really it’s better because it’s glitter.

Win #4.

Brookshire’s Penny Sale finds.

BOGO for a penny…

Chips Ahoy, Halves of Pound Cakes, Fruit Snacks, Keebler Elf Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Koolaid Packets, Ritz Chips.

That is all.

Until Pt. 2 where we talk about the game.

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