Wins of the Day {pt. 3}

Now we have talked shopping, we have talked basketball, now to talk about 2 more panther teams.

1. In true panther fashion, the softball girls sacrificed finishing out their tournament to be able to cheer on basketball to their state title. How do you top that?

They haven’t lost a game yet. They have run-ruled, hit homers, and made big wins in general.

Sacrifice. Team work. We are Panthers.

I’m starting to run out of words because after the past 2 weeks of panther greatness, there just aren’t any more so I’m sure this all sounds like a broken record.

2. Quiz Bowl.

Y’all they won their 5A conference tournament today then booked it on to Hot Springs to support the basketball team.

They are INCREDIBLY smart kids.

Incredibly being an understatement.

We’re just covered in greatness around here.

So like I said. We’ll save you a seat on the band wagon.

Our students are more than just students. They have talents, they have work ethic, they have artistic abilities, they have high ACT scores, they have potential, they have business ideas, they have common sense, they have athleticism, they have concurrent credits, they have scholarships to 4 year colleges and trade schools, they have plans for their futures, they have so much potential to do great things.

So sit back and watch, and keep cheering them on in everything they do.

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