The Chickens Are Coming {Pt. 1}

First of all…

Let’s talk about this extended spring break.

If you are not in the Southern region, then you probably don’t know about the flu epidemic at this time.

You probably don’t know schools are closing, and one school district has even closed due to the mumps.

{vaccinate your kids against childhood diseases people…}

So due to having over a certain percentage of the district out on Monday—these numbers had only been increasing– our fearless leaders decided it would be best to take 4 AMI days to let everyone recoup, sanitize classes, and keep the germs from spreading like wildfire.

Because wildfire would be an understatement, especially after the hugging and sweating and crying and high-fiving from Saturday by 4/7ths of the town of Magnolia over winning the 4A state title.

Sunday night’s Facebook feed was full of “oh my–such and such has fever”, “3/4 of us down with the flu”, “I feel like I got hit by a truck. getting flu tested”, “got both kids at the urgen care to be tested for flu”….etc…etc…etc…

So Monday at a little after 3pm, we were alerted that we would take 4 days to hopefully slow the germs…and it just so happens it’s connected to Spring Break.

Best. Spring. Break. Ever.

I mean*cough* I am so very terribly upset that we had to cancel school due to so many people being ill, and I am so glad I have the chance to get all of my grading done and report card grades turned in early and before break even started so I can be all caught up when we get back in a week.

Which is true, but who doesn’t like a little extra break time every now and then.

Especially when so many people are sick—us teachers don’t like being sick either & we especially don’t like bringing germs in to the kids at school or our kids at home.

Thank you admin for the quick decision making to keep us well & get those sick on the mend.

Now Tuesday being the 1st official day of break, do you know what we did?

{because I had a certain child who thought I was kidding that Momma didn’t have to go to work for 2 weeks}

We did laundry, we stayed in pajamas, we played, we watched Netflix, and I am now on season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy—thank you Jessica & Abby for getting me hooked…

Wednesday….still in pajamas, still doing laundry, still doing some Netflix, and did dishes.

And Piper decided to change sleeping masks in honor of Spring Break starting early…

Thursday—so we finally got dressed & took the fluffer puppers to the groomers to look like they actually have owners because I totally dropped the ball on getting them groomed on time. Emmie can see again, and Ellie doesn’t sound like she has tap shoes on when she walks through the house anymore.

Yes. Shame on me.

But now they’re back to their fluffy, princessy selves, and smell like blueberries.

And we have standing appointments on the calendar for every 6 weeks.

To kill time on Thursday though, the girls and I ran to Walmart to get formula and I found a new make-up brand called Profusion that makes the most amazing palettes.

I posted a picture of the Chocolates eyeshadow palette I got that day, but I don’t think you can see the size properly. It’s HUGE.

So today, I got the contour/highlight palette when we did our normal grocery shopping, and it’s BEAUTIFULLLLL and only $4.98.

I also had Piper help pick out some flowers to plant in some pots….even though I found out it’s going to frost again tonight supposedly.


Good thing those hyacinths were only $1.

Easily replaced when they keel over.

I’ll probably revert back to my old ways of succulents anyways… they’re a little harder to kill.

So here’s to an extended Spring Break, everyone getting healthy again, and the adventures of Princess Pi this next 8 days.

{and like 3 more blog posts tonight because I am so behind}

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