The Chickens Are Coming {Pt. 3}

Now to the actual chickens.

After groceries, the Husband asked when I’d be home that we could have a date to have chickens delivered.

Well… if they can magically appear next week while I”m on Spring Break or after May 31st that’d be great. K thanks.

Well low and behold they can be delivered June 3rd.

The fun part?

Picking them out. On the interwebs. And mailed by the postal service in a shoe box.

Husband was looking at the egg quality…

And I’m all “Omg I want some that lay blue eggs and green ones and have funny fluffy feet and funny hats on their fuzzy heads.”

Because I’m in this to have a fab farm alright? I want funny, pretty chickens I can put little tags on to name with old lady names like Thelma, Juanita, Fanny, Fern, Verne, Louise, and 25 other names I’ll have to come up with.

{It’s highly possible there are 31 chickens on the way}

Because I got 6 of these….

and 6 of these…

and 6 of these…

and 6 of these…

and 6 of these which are my pride and joy of having in the coop.

it’s also highly possible that these are some of the same chickens that “went on vacation” almost a year ago.

When I picked out the ones with afros, Husband said, “You know those are the ones we would have had if they {insert the truth of the chickens going on vacation}.”

My heart broke a little…because those poor chickens. Ya’ll just have no idea.

So I have my chicken boots ready, I’m gonna make a fancy egg collecting apron, and I’m gonna paint the coop with a funny chicken design to make it a statement piece in the backyard.

Who doesn’t love a statement piece in the backyard? I might even need some fun flowers and some of those cool metal figures from the Blossom Festival.

Because I am going to have a fab little chicken farm in the backyard.

Who knows, I might get adventurous with some other feathered and furry friends.

Goats? Peacocks? or if I get my way I’d like a llama please. Llamas are my favorite.

Or more dogs. Either way I’m happy. I just like animals…except cats.

So here’s to funny feathered friends on their way in a little box with holes and feed in it in June, and coming up with a fun design to paint on the chicken coop.

…and talking someone into maybe a puppy or some more animals once said chickens are situated and I know what I’m doing as far as poultry care goes….

Welcome to Hurley Farms 🙂

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