Dear Piper & Everly

The meme is circulating about how teachers don’t do much but catch up on normal life, sleep, and stay in pajamas on Spring Break.

That is so accurate for me.

So true.

Honestly, going away for the week would not be fun for me because I’d get even more behind on housework, laundry, and just feel rushed and not actually relax.

Staying home is my vacation, and besides going to the beach—home is my favorite vacation.

Home with my people is my favorite where we can have days where we don’t go anywhere, stay in pajamas, watch Netflix movies on repeat, and have picnics.

We like living room picnics with simple, childhood lunches while we watch My Little Pony & Jimmy Jones.

We like random dance parties to made up songs.

We like seeing Little Sister crawl and explore and stand and laugh when we laugh.

We like snuggling with puppy dogs.

We like opening all the windows, sitting with sunbathing dogs on the toy chest, and watching My Little Pony {again & again}.

We like waiting for Daddy to get home from whatever form of work he is doing {regular 12-hour shifts or cows} to play LOL Dolls, or play outside, or to eat popsicles.

We like walking to Shug & Big’s house to play on the fortress swing-set.

We like going to play ball and swing at Honey & Buddy’s house.

We like having sleepovers at the grandparents’ houses.

We like late night movies & unicorn poptarts.

We like bubble baths with glittery bath bombs.

We like playing beauty shop & picking out what kinds of braids to do for the day.

We like early morning Lucky Charms & picking out the dress of the day with leggings if its still chilly outside.

We like running errands in town and sneaking in an Icee stop before heading home.

We like random cleaning together.

We like watching Butterbean’s Cafe & Octonauts & more My Little Pony on the iPad.

We like making lists.

We like being home.

Very. Very. Very. Much.

So girls,

Don’t forget these sunny, simple days filled with cutie oranges. Don’t forget the random dancing and hair braiding days accompanied with jelly sandwiches & purple water in sparkle cups. Don’t forget the belly laughs when Daddy swings you in the air to land on the giant bean bag still in the living room. Don’t forget the simple morning cartoons & Lucky Charms. Don’t forget being mad about having to brush your hair. Don’t forget wearing high heels & mix matched socks to further explain it’s the latest trend. Don’t forget speaking random French like Fancy Nancy while redecorating the living room with your sequin pillows. Don’t forget rocking to sleep in the sunshine & snuggling in the recliner. Don’t forget simple Spring Break with all your people at home. Don’t forget the simple fun, and that Momma & Daddy love you both. Don’t forget having fun before you grow up & want to go off on trips. Don’t forget, we like being home with you & wouldn’t trade it for the world.



P.S. Although I promise we’ll always take one shopping trip on Spring Break & we’ll take other trips, but not during the school year…we save those big trips for Summer between Reba’s pool & snowcone/blizzard dates 🙂

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