Mud & Dirt

If you have a floor plan like us with a back door in the laundry room, your significant other or children or yourself brings the outside …like cow mud and sand and grass and regular mud and dirt and water…

And your Australian Shepherd sheds and brings in some dirt as well when she is kenneled because you’re paranoid about leaving her outside because someone might steal or hurt her…

Then you constantly sweep and dust {I use constantly very loosely} and if you have a bench with a cushion with hooks over it for things like… oh I don’t know…


•extension cords



•dog leashes

And on said bench cushion


•tool boxes

•bags of stuff

And dirt…

Now cleaning an upholstered cushion like this with this sort of dirt is not fun.

It stains. You can’t just throw it in the washing machine. It’s annoying.

So when we first got married I recovered the cushion this same way, but I finally found the print I liked and redid it this past week.


Instead of nice pretty, expensive fabric; I use a plastic $4 tablecloth.


Because you can wipe it clean with a dish towel.

So with a hot glue gun & and a picnic style tablecloth…

So just line up your edges and you wrap it like you do a present, but use hot glue to tack the edges and cut the extra.

Yes, it is necessary to have an assistant that cute and fabulous when doing this project.



A wipeable bench seat for when those boots, tools, kids’ toys, dirty farm clothes, sports gear, etc. find a resting place in your laundry room.

And cheap. Did I mention cheap?

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