Recipe Post {#…I don’t know}

Piper and I are big soup fans.

Husband is relatively a fan of soup depending on what it is and what’s in it.

I found out on December 8, 2014 he is not a tomato soup fan.

{Read to the end for a funny pertaining making potato soup}

Baja Chicken Enchilada—yassssss

Veggie–sorry that recipe will never be posted…it’s sacred.

Tomato with grilled cheese—get that handy dandy Campbell’s can out of the pantry with some water, pepper, and slap a grilled cheese in the pan.

White Chicken Chili–yum

Chili-again…sacred recipe…sorry…

And of course the wonderfully classic potato soup.

I am lazy when I cook.

{unless it’s Grandma Sallye’s pie recipes}

I like canned goods because they’re easy.

So for my potato soup ….

You’re going to need a pack of bacon—Great Value Applewood is my weapon of choice.

Cut the ENTIRE pack of bacon into little pieces with some kitchen shears, throw it in your pot {the same one you will do the soup in}, and cook until relatively crispy.

Then, empty 4 cans of diced potatoes…or if you’re an over achiever you can put in your freshly peeled and diced potatoes….

Cook your potatoes WITH the bacon for about 5 minutes.

{You can also throw in some diced onions, celery, and carrots for added flavor/color if you’re adventurous unlike us}

Now add about 3/4 of a 32oz container of Chicken Broth {24 oz if you want to be technical} ,handful of shredded cheese {I use the pre-shredded packaged GV Monterrey Jack mix}, small container sour cream, and 1 pint of heavy cream.

Sprinkle in Salt, pepper, and onion powder to taste {if you added the adventurous veggies, then you won’t want to add the powder}.

Lastly, to thicken it– add instant mashed potato flakes.

{I keep a box of these in the cabinet for random cooking purposes}

Add these in for your desired consistency {we like it relatively thick so I add close to 2 cups}.

In my opinion, adding the potato flakes is better than doing the flour method just because it keeps the potato flavor and there is no worrying about lumps.

Stir a little, cook for around 15 -20 minutes on LOW, and tada.

All done.

Now for the funny….

{See part 2 for the funny story pertaining to an incident making this soup…..}

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