Tator Soup in a Crockpot

When we remodeled our kitchen, I was without a stove top for a couple…months….

So I became quite resourceful cooking in the microwave…and takeout. I’m really good at ordering food online for pick-up.

Mac’n cheese.


Lots of frozen stuff made into meals.

Lots of Dominos pizza.

Happy Meals.

Mexican food.

Lots of grilled chicken.

Chicken nuggets.

Corn dogs.

The day I could cook scrambled eggs {topped with ketchup} was the best day ever.

I also learned alot about the crock-pot.

I learned how to make beef stroganoff.

I learned how to do chicken.

I learned to do bbq.

I learned to do roast with carrots & tators.

I learned how not to cook potato soup in the crock-pot.

I did. I attempted making my favorite potato soup recipe That was just posted where you cook it all in the bacon grease…in a crock-pot.

The bacon part was easy—just throw it in the oven on a sheet pan, then dump it in the crock-pot.

I had it on high so it was cooking and the bacon was sizzly {I thought} so I put in the potatoes and cooked them.

{I thought}

Poured all the stuff in and thought it was going to work great…


I was adventurous though…I put in onions with the potatoes….

{bad decision}

Yea, don’t do that….

They didn’t cook…

My people took a bite.

“Did you not cook the potatoes…”

They’re canned and already cooked.

“Why is it crunchy?!”

“Momma I not like it.”

Well…Momma put in onions this time because I had some to use up.

Momma didn’t cook them enough.

Momma is sorry.

Momma won’t do it again.

So don’t put onions in this soup if you’re solely cooking everything in the crock-pot…

Or even if you know your children or husband will be able to pick out any foreign, unwanted, unfamiliar crunch or veggies in general.

It’s a bad idea, unless you like crunchy onions in soup…

Needless to say, that whole tub of soup was thrown out for the animals in the woods.

I hope Snookums {the Lamartine “mountain lion”} and his 37 family members living in the hedge row enjoyed it.

I bet they didn’t notice the crunchy onions.

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