You see a blue cream soda {or a nasty bottle of pure sugar if you’re one of ‘those’} and I see my favorite treat on warm days whether its after a long school day or just beginning a summer morning heading to do the grocery shopping.

I also see my 18-19-20-21-22 year old self riding shotgun in my now husband’s truck.

I see Sunday morning Travel Center stops for a drink & snack after church.

I see Friday night dates to get chicken on a stick & a cream soda or a coke on ice.

I see summer days at the Jennings Resort by the pool.

I see my 5 month pregnant self with Piper just needing something sweet before going to the pool.

I see my 9 month pregnant self with Everly just wanting a cream soda to drink at the same pool.

I see my 3 1/2 years of dating the Husband flash before my eyes.

And it all started with Sunday mornings going to the Travel Center.


We used to have 2 services at church, and because of chicken houses, Husband would go to the early one at 8:30am.

Of course that meant I would too.


Even though all of our family went to the same church and I could ride with my parents, now-Husband/then-boyfriend would come pick me up on Sunday mornings at 8:00am.

Well since we were out by 9:30am, that meant we got breakfast {or technically a morning snack} before we had Sunday lunch.

So we would sometimes get donuts at the Shipley’s or hit the Sonic for 1/2 priced drinks & breakfast toasters.

{But} we would usually go through the Travel Center to get diesel in the truck,  so that meant he handed me some money & asked if I’d run in and get him a coke on ice and a kit-kat or chicken-on-a-stick or crispitos…

because we ALL know Travel Center has the best chicken-on-a-stick, crispitos, etc.. You can’t beat the chicken strips either and the burgers are pretty good and that fried corn on the cob.


So I’d be-bop on in with the dollar bills, get his drink & snack, and get that bottle of blue cream soda & my snack to hold off until everyone was out of church and ready for lunch.

Every Sunday–“How do you drink that? It’s gross”

Well because I like it.

So we’d drive with our drinks & snacks out to his family’s farm and I’d sit sipping my blue bottle of Frostie Cream Soda  in the truck while he worked on anything that needed working on or checking on in the chicken houses or got on a tractor or did whatever he needed doing as far as farm work.

Then we went back to going to 10am service, but that just meant we got smaller snacks after church before heading to his family’s Sunday lunch.

And our cokes and cream sodas of course.

So now Piper enjoys her blue cream soda from Travel Center, but  we have to clink our bottles first.

So here’s to you Frostie Cream Soda, for bringing back memories of simple dates on Summer nights, snacks on Sunday mornings after church, and now for moments sipping blue cream soda with my girls while we solve all the world’s problems on the swing set.


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