Still Not Betty

I’m still not Betty Crocker as of 6:32pm.

But I did throw together some fabulously quick and easy “homemade” turnovers that will be a definite repeat of some variation.

1. There shall be no judgement on the fact that I prefer to drown my pastries in icing.

2. Sweet Hawaiian crescent rolls are my new go-to dough.

3. Keeping extra apple butter has never been so handy, and I’m thinking next I’ll try using it in mini pies in filo cups or something.


I literally threw them together because the toddler and I wanted something sweet after we had our suppers… yes she had a cold {insert eye roll} BBQ taco as we discussed last night during her hair-fixin’ with grapes and banana slices & me a bowl of soup like a generally normal human.

So we popped open our sweet dough, pressed out the triangles to size– I did some small for her and then 2 larger ones for experiment purposes {and for me & Husband}.

Filled them with a spoon or 2 of homemade apple butter, let the toddler press the edges together with a fork, then went back and make sure all edges are pressed enough, baked for 12 minutes…

Then of course made icing.

I prefer using whipping cream in powdered sugar icing instead of milk. It’s a little richer, thicker, and just better to me.

{but to each his own}

Once the turnovers cooled, we plated them and dressed them in white sugary goo and used all will power not to eat the entire tray.

So here’s to Fridays, licking the icing bowl, and starting the weekend with clean dishes, fresh towels, and starting the list for tomorrow’s grocery outing.

And walking the Farm Road tomorrow after eating a second turnover.

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