Monday-est of Mondays

I have honestly never had a “Monday” of all Mondays kind of Monday.

If that makes any sense…

Until today.

Weirdest. Monday. Ever.

{besides the Monday we had half the school out with the flu and dismissed the rest of the week– that was just off balance as my brother would say}

It’s no secret the South got an outrageous amount of rain, and it wouldn’t have been the first time any of the local schools have dismissed due to flooding and closed roads/highways.

Over the weekend, roads washed out in places, power went out, lightening strikes, insane flooding, etc.

There really were serious questions about being able to have school, but the second giant wave of storms went under us thank goodness.

So we had school like normal….


But come to find out, over the weekend lightening struck and took out the clocks and intercom systems.

We were judging off cellphone time to get on school time and made it work because that’s what Teaching 101 is– monitor and adjust.

Admin were on it trying to get everything fixed and we went about the day as “normal” as a Monday could be.

Then 5th period came…

We had music going while working on a poster for a domino project to finish up rational functions…

then POP– transformer {no. 1} went out…along with half of the power in my classroom…

Yes. Half. Legit half. Half the room had lights and power.

After fiddling with switches… and conversing with a few others who had the same happen…

After that weirdness…

It got weirder…

The lights started doing this random flickering.

POP– transformer no. 2 went.

And the flickering started again.

And kept on.

And on.

You would have thought we were trying to communicate with the Upsidedown.

Yea. Throw that reference into your class & they are all ears like you are totally speaking their language.

So as we make the reference discussing who from the Upsidedown we were communicating with…

More flickering… and then the kids’ laptops start being weird… and of course strange

The powerpoints we were trying to talk about and write notes on wouldn’t work. The files basically disappeared off their TEAMS app…

Still weird.

They come over the intercom they are working on getting the power fixed, but Entergy will have to cut power to that part of the school.

Click. No power for the last period of school.

So we ended the day by trying to do work by sunlight.

The students ultimately decided they preferred the lights and asked to do it more often.


And on the way home I had a slight itch on my head…

Of course I scratch…

Low and behold I discover my lack of ponytail holder on my poof.

I’m not really sure when my hair ate my ponytail holder or when it ran away, but I promise {to whomever saw me with a less than perfect poof minus anything holding it together but put magic apparently} I actually did fix my hair this morning.

My hair just disagreed and ate my ponytail holder.

{that almost sounds as bad as “my dog ate my homework”}

I get home after getting the girls, and still having a case of the Mondays makes me less than enthusiastic to pull together a real meal.

So in true tradition of Mondays that don’t go quite right, I pulled out the trusty bad of tator tots, chicken strips, and popcorn shrimp to throw in the oven for an early 5:30pm supper.

Even though my tiny human #1 preferred potato soup for supper.

So forget Mondays.

It’s just the jump start of the week, and its downhill from here.

Tuesdays. Now that’s where it’s at.

Especially with it being morning duty day.

Stay tuned for that adventure and insta-story.

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